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Top Five Awkward WWE Moments

Rayan Sayyed looks at five memorable segments from WWE’s history, that can only be described as awkward.

I love watching wrestling.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching a fast paced match between two wrestlers in the ring. But wrestling is not just about the fights, as storylines are an important part of the “sports entertainment” business. While plot is a great way to add some content to the match, WWE more often than not just fails at it and makes you question why you still watch their show. 

Segments are one of the most important ways wrestling storylines take shape. There are many badly written, cringy, and awkward segments in the WWE, and the company will continue to deliver them, as is tradition. While some segments are written badly from the get go and make you ask, “Who thought this was a good idea?”, some just end up turning bad due to a mistake by the performers involved. Today in this article we are going to take a look at moments like these and I will take you through my top five awkward and embarrassing to watch segments in WWE. 

5. Sami Zayn Interviews Bobby Lashley’s Sisters

Bobby Lashley had expressed that he loves his three sisters while telling stories from his childhood in an interview with Renee Young. This got the attention of Sami Zayn as he vowed to expose the then-newly returned Lashley with his investigation. 

This cringe-filled segment consisted of Sami coming down to the ring to interview Lashley’s three “sisters” in an attempt to expose him. Of course, the sisters weren’t Lashley’s real sisters, nor were they even women. They were three black guys dressed in drag. Sami then asked them some ridiculous questions about Lashley, until the man himself got into the ring and beat everyone up. 

Not only was there anything remotely funny about the whole thing, the fact that someone thought this would be entertaining to watch is… ugh. It was rightfully named as the worst angle of the year. 

4. Bayley: This Is Your Life

“This is hard to watch,” said Booker T on commentary when Bayley: This Is Your Life was taking place. Every fan watching the show collectively agreed. The audience too didn’t shy away from chanting “Boring!” and “Delete!”, which was probably the most entertaining part of the whole scene honestly. 

The objective of the segment was to paint a picture of Bayley as a little womanchild, as Alexa Bliss gathered actors who played Bayley’s highschool teacher, childhood friend and ex-boyfriend. Alexa asked them to reveal embarrassing details about Bayley’s childhood.

The talking portion of the segment dragged on for far too long, it was physically impossible to not cringe. Fortunately for us Bayley came out to the ring to interrupt the disaster, but of course not so easily. Bayley’s ex claimed he only dated her to get close to her best friend. Then the best friend and the ex made out as everyone watched. Yes, that happened in the name of entertainment. I just feel sorry for both Bayley and Alexa Bliss. 

3. Eva Marie’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”

During 2016 on SmackDown, WWE did an angle where Eva Marie would try to avoid wrestling by coming up with “excuses”. First it was her injuring her leg after hopping off the middle rope during her entrance, and then her top coming off for literally no reason. 

This bizarre wardrobe malfunction angle was super risky, and makes you wonder what goes in the minds of WWE’s writers. Seconds before Eva Marie’s match against Becky Lynch was set to begin, the referee had to call it off because Eva’s top almost came off. We don’t know how this happened since the camera was on her opponent Becky the entire time. 

Anyway, the referee helped Eva by covering her with a towel, and with that Eva left the ring. Perhaps the worst part of the whole thing was the reaction by Becky Lynch. She was literally giggling and pointing at a woman whose top almost came off in front of thousands and millions watching live. I… I just can’t. 

2. Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand

This one comes from the Attitude Era. Regarded as the time when professional wrestling was at its peak, it had its fair share of bad moments. And perhaps my favourite is when Mae Young gave birth to a… hand. Just a human hand. 

Before he was the ‘World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry was had a playboy persona as the ‘Sexual Chocolate’. While he was pulling in babes like Mae Young, 77 at the time, did you know he had a child with her too? 

During an episode of RAW in 2000, Mark Henry and Mae Young would welcome their first child onto this sweet Earth. All was going well until Mae somehow ended up giving birth to a human hand. Gerald Brisco who was present at the delivery threw up after seeing the couple’s precious child. While it was truly a disgusting segment, the angle was not forgotten by the WWE as they revisited the hand on Raw 1000. 

1. Vince McMahon Makes Out With Trish Stratus In Front Of His Wheelchair-Bound Wife 

While the last angle was disgusting, this was another kind of gross. The owner of the company wrote himself in a story where he would French kiss one of his female workers in front of his wife, another gem from the Attitude Era. 

No one knows why this was even done. There was literally no reason to do this. Did Vince wanted to show something? Was he on a power trip? The story was that Vince had a paralysed wife and he used this situation to his advantage by having Trish as his mistress. 

Props to Trish for agreeing to do this, as making out with your boss on national television in front of his wife requires courage. While the Mae Young segment is remembered fondly as a weird part of the WWE, this one is downright gross and has received a lot of backlash and should be forever forgotten.

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