Top Five MVP’s Of All Elite Wrestling (So Far)

Well it’s been a bloody lovely month hasn’t it?

As I sit to down to write this, we are officially four shows into All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite and they have knocked it out the park for every single one of those Wednesday nights. With ratings exceeding TNT expectations, arenas full of rabid fans and a worldwide audience desperate for more, I don’t even think The Elite could have predicted this hot a start.

But who has stood head and shoulders above the rest? Who has looked better than most? This article will detail the, in my opinion, top five stars of All Elite Wrestling so far. For clarification; the first show I am starting with is Double or Nothing and it stretches to this past week’s TV episode. Also, this isn’t really in a particular order (apart from No.1) so don’t get too angry! Let’s go.

5. Riho

Let’s just state an obvious fact; the one downside of AEW so far has been its women’s division. It’s definitely not been bad but it’s been the weakest, least developed aspect of the show. However, one shining star of that division has been their first ever Woman’s Champion; Riho. The 22 year old, 13 year veteran has looked incredible in every single outing she’s taken part in thus far. Whether it’s in a multi-woman tag match, a triple threat or a series of singles matches, she has shone. AEW need to continue to build around her as, if they do so, the women’s division will look as good as the other Dynamite divisions.

4. Darby Allin

Darby Allin has been one of my favourite wrestlers in the world since I saw his match against Zack Sabre Jr in January 2018 for the Evolve Championship. I’ve thought he’s an individual character that offers something different and interesting to the industry. When it was announced he would be competing for AEW, I knew people en masse would take to him and embrace his character and daredevil attitude.

However even I didn’t think he would come across this well, this soon. And it’s all to do with his booking. Just a few months in the company, Darby is one of the few people to go toe to toe with several main eventers, get results against them AND compete for the World Title in the main event against a legend of the industry. He clearly appeals to both a specific demographic and the wider, general wrestling market. The youngster has an insane future ahead of him and he’s proving it each and every time he’s on television or PPV.

3. Jungle Express

Dinosaurs are just the best. They’re awesome, everyone loves them and they have dominated pop culture for years. And now there is a living, breathing, 65 million year old one wrestling who… let’s be honest; is essentially a child minder for two children.

And it’s better than anything you like.

Sometimes, wrestling needs to be incredibly complex, subtle and intricate to permeate with audiences. Other times, you just literally need dinosaurs and flossing to make people care. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt are one of the most over acts in the entire company and it’s just amazing.

Obviously, the sudden injury to said prehistoric competitor is a huge blow to their rise throughout the tag division but, when he comes back, they’re sure to eventually win those belts and the place will detonate like a meteor hitting earth when they do.

2. Scorpio Sky

One of the biggest surprises, for me personally, of AEW has been the rise of Scorpio Sky. Whilst still remaining a stonewall of SCU and putting on incredible tag team matches, the general perception on the man with ‘ice in his veins’ has began to shift in regards to a more individual run.

Obviously, no-one wants to see So-Cal Uncensored split up. They’re an incredibly over team that works really well together due to the combined experience of all involved but, if recent weeks are anything to go by, Scorp has an absolutely huge singles future ahead of him. He has the wrestling ability, promo skills, natural charisma and can work perfectly as a heel or face – I’m so excited to see what he does over the next few years.

1. Cody

Cody has been the absolute standout from AEW. Every match he has been in have been the ones I’m most invested in. He gets the biggest crowd reactions. People are desperate to hear what he has to say when he talks and when he wrestles, you know it’s important. Every match means something. Every match has emotion, raw storytelling and full attention by all watching.

Cody had a reputation before AEW that I always felt was harsh; he couldn’t have ‘five star’ quality matches. And so far, over the last six months he has absolutely destroyed that myth. The best match in AEW history, in my opinion, features Cody where he faced off against his brother. The story told against Darby was executed magnificently. And his upcoming match at Full Gear against World Champion Chris Jericho is sure to be exceptional as well. So far, Cody has been the absolute MVP of All Elite Wrestling.

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