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After the events of the first episode, we are introduced to Flagg and a few other characters that one can only assume will be large parts of the story going forward.

We first meet Larry Underwood, a man who was a musician before the virus wiped out most of the world.  Larry had developed a dependency on drugs and alcohol and we could see that this was sending him into a very bad place.

Once the virus starts to tear through the population Larry takes up with a stranger, played by Heather Graham. His story arc, for this part, follows the two trying to make their way out of New York City.

Heather Graham

Our second character introduction is that of Lloyd Henreid. Lloyd is a small-time crook who was wrongly convicted of killing a cop and is serving his time in prison. When the virus hits the world he is trapped inside his jail cell forcing him to eat rats and his cellmate’s calf to stay alive. After being trapped in his cell for days he is approached by Randall Flagg and offered a choice. He can remain in his cell or become the right hand of Flagg and be a free man. Naturally, Lloyd takes the latter and walks off with Flagg.

The third character introduction is that of Nadine Cross, played by Amber Heard, and her tag along Joe. There is not much known about the two characters other than Nadine used to be a teacher. We do know that she posses the rock that Randall Flagg has tried to give to a few others thus far. So this could not bode well for her character in the future.

Outside of the three stories we see a bit more into the commune, in Boulder, Colorado, that had been created by Abagail Freemantle. We learn that everyone there has been visited by her in a dream and they have been summoned there. They are building a new community for themselves under her guidance but there is a feeling that there is something more behind her motives. This will more than likely be revealed in the coming episodes.

There is also the subject of the stone that Flagg offers to many during the show. It is not known what this stone is yet but one can assume that it is no good. Flagg is an evil man and this may be a way to control his people or some kind of magic, or both. These questions should be answered as the show progresses.

Randall Flagg

This was, as with the last one, a great episode. The direction was fantastic and the cinematography was beautiful. Tucker Gates did a great job of establishing the light and dark themes. There was a general sense of anxiety throughout the entire episode. We know that something evil is coming and every scene had that feeling.

This was also the first time that we got to see Randall Flagg speak. Alexander Skarsgard is terrifying in the role. His outward appearance does not lend one to think that he is an evil man but you can feel the darkness with every word he says.  He puts you on edge when he starts speaking and it will be exciting to see where the story goes with Randall.

His singing is also something that is a great addition to the character. It seems innocent but there is such a sinister feeling behind all of his words.

This was another great step forward in The Stand story. We got a more in-depth look into how society has devolved with the virus taking over the world. There is a general fracture of the survivors of the Captain Tripps virus with Flagg and Freemantle trying to bring people to their side. Going forward we can assume that there is a battle between good and evil on the horizon.

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