TWD: Home Sweet Home Recap …

*May Contain Spoilers*

On February 21, 2021, AMC + aired the newest episode of The Walking Dead, early for their subscribers. The hit zombie apocalypse series had fans eager to see its eleventh and final season on AMC kick off. The cast and crew worked relentlessly to deliver another six-episode period, to deliver to the fandom that has supported the show for years.

The episode begins with Maggie in the spotlight.  She penetrated a walker’s head with a hunting knife. This pinned the walker to a tree. While doing this it will later be revealed that she would be imagining Negan, while knifing a walker. Maggie then sees Negan and leaves in disgust, marching away in anger from Negan. Certainly, she probably will not have needed to do anything unjustifiable before Judith, however, there was additionally something different in Maggie that was not there in years earlier.

New villains will be part of the next six episodes. These will become a necessary piece of Maggie’s journey. Leading back to a few years ago. Where has she been? What happened the past few years? These new miscreants and this situation will be continued later. However, they do furnish us with some large activity minutes to help flavor up this to some degree acrid middle of the season opener.

The majority of the episode involves Maggie’s anger, rage, and irate feelings towards Negan. While being distracted by the pressing matters of the current world of The Walking Dead. She does speak to Daryl but, Daryl is a better at providing a listening ear than providing feedback. Maggie additionally carried with her a likely new danger to the survivors in Alexandria. That is not even to refer to the potential difficulty her appearance could model for Negan’s spot in the vicinity.

Maggie is now currently part of a new community and as the audience we have only met two members. These two members are with a youthful Hershel. Her and her new partners collaborate with Daryl and Kelly, to find their way back to the remainder of the group. Through this mission, it turns out to be evident that Maggie’s solidarity, empathy, and assurance have made her a characteristic chief for this new gathering. She also has a close relationship with a masked survivor. This masked survivor is Elijah. There is insight on Elijah as well.

The question is. Will Maggie and Negan patch things up? Or will this current situation continue between the two?


Courtesy AMC+ | The Walking Dead

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