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Twitter and Elon Musk are close to agreeing to massive $43 billion deal.

The thought of the worlds richest man, Elon Musk, the co-founder and ceo of Tesla with a net worth of $273 billion, buying out Twitter seemed surreal not that long ago, but it now appears to be reality with the possibility of the two sides striking a deal.

Reports came out that people close to the situation have confirmed that talks are fast-moving, but could still fall apart. While a potential buyout like this should not come at a surprise, the focus should be more on how this journey plays out long term. We live in a polarizing society where almost everything and anything is politicized no matter what you do. It’s hard to avoid, and even if people try not to get involved, you get a taste of that world just by opening just about any social media app.

Plan B does not appear to be needed as of now either, but the main concern from users, shareholders and many of Twitters employees are what the billionaire intends to do if the deal goes through. The self described “free speech absolutist” wants to enhance the giant tech company and Musk has already announced that he would transform the social media giant to a “private company” and become a “platform for free speech”.

The arguments over those statements come from Musk’s controversial tweets in the pasts against vaccination, downplaying the Covid-19 pandemic and mocking pronouns to name a few. Other concerns that have been brought up is Musk’s political agenda tends to lean with the far right with millions of Twitters users ultimately wondering what his ‘arena for freedom of speech’ would look like under Musk.

No matter what people’s views of the situation are, the 11-board member board have yet to make a decision on the future of Twitter as many are following the discussions unfold. With social media platforms trying to combat political misinformation and specifically public health misinformation, look to see how Twitter will differentiate itself against other social media tech companies going forward as the deal is closer than ever.

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