TWM: TWM Launches First .News Wrestling Domain

TWM News is today launching one of the world’s first .news web domains,

Following the global launch of .news web domains in July 2015, TWM News can announce it is one of the first news outlets, and the very first sports-entertainment related website in the world to adopt the new .news domain.

Dean Puckering, Chief Editor and Founder of TWM News said: “Over the past 3 years we have grown quite quickly from just a small UK based fan blog. My vision for TWM is to become one of the most respected sports-entertainment news sources there is. As we continue our expansion, what we don’t want to do is get lost in the shuffle with the rest of the pack.”

He continued: “Our philosophy is quite simple. We’re bringing sports-entertainment news with accuracy, professionalism and respect for the industry. We’re not a dirt-sheet. We see it every single day and our team talk about it constantly. Click-bait headlines, rumours & speculation with no foundation, merit, or proof and constant re-writes of Dave Meltzer’s “Wrestling Observer Newsletter”. What’s worse is sometimes these websites completely twist what people say for the sake of a headline.

The problem with that, is people just blindly believe it. They don’t have the facilities to fact check and rely on these websites for news which in turn makes people form a judgement, and quite worryingly they then spread that judgement around. Sometimes even going so far as to use that information to decide whether or not to support certain individuals, and it’s harming the industry for the worse. Wrestling dirt-sheets have far more power than both what they realise, and what they deserve to have and they abuse that power.”

Emphasising the fact, he added: “We’re not a dirt-sheet. We’re a legitimate source for news and we’re going to change pro wrestling journalism for the better. Our news will come direct from the source and will be fair and balanced with no ulterior motive.”

Rightside, a leading provider of domain name services, revealed that .News is its most successful domain in the pre-launch phase, with over 1,000 applications.

Sky News, BBC, NBC, CNN, the Los Angeles Times and Sinclair Broadcast Group are all using .News domains. Most are implementing the the new web address to act as an alternative or supplement to .com or .net.

Rightside expects .News domains to help media companies – large and small; new and old; local, regional, national and global – re-establish, re-invigorate and reinforce their brand credibility.

.News domains will also help journalists and bloggers (and the organisations they represent) survive and thrive as high-powered, high-value brands amid the current Internet chaos.

Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu commented: “The future of news is unfolding in real-time, right before our very eyes – and what we’re experiencing every day is an explosion of new media outlets, an ocean of unmanageable content, and the ever increasing challenge to break through the noise, not to mention reach and build a target audience.

He continued: “As a result, media companies, journalists and bloggers are experiencing a dilution of their online voice, identity and relevancy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. These domains are the future of online journalism.

“We believe that .News web addresses will allow these players to ‘broadcast’ their stories in a more memorable and naturally-searchable way, compete for much-needed share-of-digital-mind, drive traffic and add greater equity and relevancy to their brands.”

Our great articles, reviews and radio shows will continue in addition to our new philosophy towards journalism. TWM News would like to thank every one of our site visitors and social media followers for their continued support as we open up this new chapter in our organisation.

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