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TWM Style Guide: (Updated January 29th 2021)

  • Start every article with an introduction. It can be one or two paragraphs. It needs to set out what your topic is and why you’re writing it.
    • EXAMPLE: “This week, on Raw, a new group of anarchists set about to cause chaos during WWE’s flagship show. With that in mind, let’s look back at 10 times factions wreaked havoc in wrestling.”
  • When writing numbers, zero to nine need to be written, 10 and over can be in number form. Only use 1-9 when writing list-style pieces, which should be written as #1, #2, #3 etc.
  • Make sure you capitalise proper nouns (People, Places, Pay-Per-Views, Belts And Finishers) throughout your piece.
  • There is no need to italicize Pay-Per-View names.
  • When shortening a year, do not put an apostrophe in. It is the 90s, 80s, 70s etc. NOT 90’s, 80’s, 70’s.
  • Do not use &. Always use “and”.
  • Avoid using “whilst”. Use “while” instead. It’s easier for the reader to process while than whilst (Don’t ask me why I’m not a scientist).
  • Never say “passed away”, just say “died, aged….”
  • For the purposes of improving post searchability, please keep sentences to less than 20 words. For some reason, the Internet does not like long sentences.
  • Average word count for articles:
    • NEWS: Minimum 100 words.
    • LISTS: 100 words introduction + 150-200 per category, with a 100-word minimum conclusion
    • FEATURES: Minimum 700 words.
    • FEATURES: When writing a feature, avoid the phrase “I think” or “I will now”. Everything you write is in the first person unless it’s news, so using those phrases are superfluous.
    • MAXIMUM: Under no circumstances should your article be ‘TOO’ long. We want readers to read the article, not be bored by a 700 word introduction then a 1000 word essay on 1 match.
  • READ YOUR WORK BEFORE SENDING: Download Grammarly for whatever you write on, it will change your life. Check for grammar and spelling, read it out loud to yourself to see if it flows well. Little things make a big difference.
  • We can catch things and change on editing, but it is important that pieces flow.
  • FORMAT: When E-Mailing articles, please send them as a .DOC/ .DOCX/ .TXT/ .PDF
  • If you need to get hold of someone to ask an urgent question, please use the staff Whatsapp group or Contact Richard/Jade directly
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