TWM TALKS: Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards

TWM’s Scottish powerhouse, Daniel McIver, spoke to Impact Wrestling’s new World Champion just a few short weeks after his title victory at Slammiversary 2020.




Eddie Edwards on missing crowds during a live show

I thrive off of people in the crowd and having that connection, that’s something that I truly miss. I it’s a feeling I can’t even describe. So, I can’t wait to have friends come back. But you know, it tests us in a different way. And it’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. And right now, this is definitely one of those times where we’re all outside of our comfort zone.

Who Eddie Edwards wants to see return to Impact Wrestling to defend his title against

One of the guys that first comes to mind is Kurt Angle, of course. I think he’s on a lot of people’s lists as far as guys they want to wrestle or matches they’d like to see. I’d love to wrestle Kurt Angle or Samoa Joe. But then also, you know, guys currently, it’s like, I would love to go in there with Tommy (Dreamer) and defend that Impact title. I would love to do it against Moose. We have such great talent in the locker room, where again, these matchups are endless, so I just see the chance where we can do some different stuff.

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