TWM Talks Indies: EP. 3 |F-Bombs, Glitches, Exhaustion

TWM brings a whole new show focused on the Indy Wrestling scene. Hosted by Impact Weekly’s Ashley Rose Nova, she is joined by The Queen of the Indies & host of Indie Wrestling Corner Tiffany and Body Slam Net/Fightful’s JameusBridges, LightTubers & Technical Wrestling is kinda hot tho? To discuss the events coming up in the indie wrestling scene and who to look out for—filmed live on Twitch & Unedited!

To see her live: go find Ashley on her Twitch Stream:

Ashley Rose Nova was born in Texas, the pro-wrestling writer that you may not know of, but your favorite wrestler and favorite wrestler’s wrestler knows of!

Catch “The Queen of the Indies” Tiffany on her Twitter

And you can find Jameus on Twitter with all of their respective links

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