Types of Bets in Pro Wrestling

Just like with any sport, pro wrestling is up for betting too, which is nothing new, especially in the USA. You can find WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Royal Rumble betting lines at reputable international sportsbooks like these super betting sites, but mainly pay-per-view events like these are offered, whose odds are revealed a week before the event happens.

WWE betting is more of an exotic betting and is a bit different from betting on traditional sports. It may be strange for international bettors to place bets on a form of entertainment that is believed to be predetermined, but WWE fans don’t mind that at all. It’s pure entertainment.

Of course, there are the two most basic bets: will the underdog or the favourite win. These are fairly easy bets to make considering the matches aren’t exactly “real”. Despite the physical skills of the wrestlers, they are really not the key factor. Instead, it’s all like one big wrestling theatre where fans come to see the fighters act out their roles to the best of their abilities and entertain them along the way by antagonizing them or winning their sympathies.

These two bets are easy largely because paying close attention to the match can make you a very successful bettor. For example, some wrestlers like John Cena win almost always when they fight on shows like the WWE Main Event, WWE Smackdown, or WWE Raw. If you are into wrestling, you’d know that betting against Cena is always good when he fights in a PPV event, and patterns like this can be easily exposed and taken to your advantage.

Pro wrestling betting lines are a bit tricky because they are not statistically based. However, it’s a lot of fun to make the bets, which is the sole purpose of WWE betting. Besides these two basic bets, there are other bets too that you can make, such as “will Rollins retain the title against Lesnar” and similar. You can also make Money in the Bank bets: double, 4 fold, entire card accumulator etc.

The most interesting is probably the special bets such as “will Brock Lesnar make an appearance”, “referee to be knocked out at any time”, “over 18.5 falls from a ladder in Money in the Bank match”, “Money in the Bank cashed in on the same night”, “The New Day to be the last released tag team in the Chamber match”, “whether there will be an RKO in the main event” etc. It’s a pretty much open betting world when betting on WWE events and it all depends on the creativity of those that set the betting lines.

WWE is sports entertainment in the most literal form. However, that has never been a barrier to bet on WWE events. And, even though the fights are predetermined, in reality, it is all based purely on spontaneity because the wrestlers don’t know the full storyline until the end, which is the main reason why fans love to watch and bet on this sport

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