UWN Primetime Live results: Aldis vs Bennett | September 15th 2020

On Tuesday, September 15 the stars of the National Wrestling Alliance returned on “Primetime Live”, a weekly episodic pay per view series hosted by the United Wrestling Network airing on FITE TV. Emanating from the Thunder Studios in California, the show had a different look from NWA Powerrr given the empty arena and studio setting, but a familiar sound as David Marquez welcomed us to the show from backstage and Joe Galli was on commentary. Chris Dickinson interrupted Marquez at the top of the show and told us all he is going to show us all why he is relentless.

West Coast Pro Champion Alexander Hammerstone successfully defended against vs EJ Sparks (pinfall via Nightmare Pendulum)

A nice opener playing off the size difference between the two. Sparks dazed Hammerstone early on with a superman punch but Hammer hammered him in the back with a forearm to assert his authority. A double underhook delayed suplex Spinal Countdown and a big backbreaker followed from Hammerstone as he began to beat down his smaller opponent.

Sparks briefly rallied but ate a big belly to belly overhead throw as Hammerstone looked in complete control. After an abdominal stretch Sparks fought back again, this time rocking the big man with a kick to the head and flooring him twice with a DDT and then a cutter. Hammer’ overpowered his opponent and hit a big boot, German suplex and a sit-out powerbomb for a two count, and the Nightmare Pendulum finished off EJ Sparks.

Clint Armstrong interviewed Nick Aldis who said he has nothing to say because everything that needs to be said, has been said. He cut his usual promo, saying we will see why he is the real worlds champion.

Jordan Clearwater defeated Will Allday (pinfall via Midas Touch (big boot))

Allday has featured in Booker T’s reality of wrestling while Clearwater was trained by Karl Anderson and reached the semi-final of the recent Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup, and has also recently debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling in their Strong TV series. Clearwater was the taller of the two and tried to use that to his advantage throughout.

Clearwater tried his big boot finisher a few times throughout the match too but Allday dodged each of them- until he took his eye off the ball for a second. Allday looked good with a big frog splash, a double stomp and some great escapes. Clearwater fired up but couldn’t put Allday away after a spinebuster and a bulldog. Allday hit a suicide dive to the floor, but when returning to the ring, he flipped over the top rope and walked straight into the Midas Touch big boot to give Clearwater the win.

Kamille defeated Heather Monroe (pinfall via Spear)

Kamille overpowered Monroe early on so Monroe took a breather on the outside and ended up ramming Kamille shoulder first into the ring post time and time again. Monroe worked over her arm but Kamille was still able to hit a Samoan drop. Monroe continued on Kamille’s arm and shoulder and locked in a Fujiwara armbar. Kamille dodged a clothesline and hit a big power slam. Monroe hit a springboard codebreaker for a two count. Kamille hit a neck breaker and eventually a spear for the win.

David Marquez interviewed Eli Drake who was very happy to be there after such a long lay-off. He will be facing Erik Watts next week on Primetime live. Thunder Rosa will take on Priscilla Kelly next week too. Marquez then interviewed Dan Joseph who said he is keeping his television title forever.

The Tribe (Hawaiian Lion and The Navajo Warrior) vs The Wolf Zaddies (Bad Dude Tito & Che Cabrera) went to time limit draw.

Two big powerful teams here and the action didn’t stop which is a credit to their stamina. The teams took turns on offence and hitting double teams before Hawaiian Lion took the Zaddies’ finisher. Navajo broke up the pin then The Tribe hit their finisher but that pin was broken up too. Hawaiian Lion took a DDT on the entrance ramp but was up seconds later to the shock of the announcers. The bell eventually sounded as the time limit expired. Both teams brawled to the back after the match.

David Marquez then interviewed a very focussed and determined Mike Bennett. Bennett wanted to take Aldi’s seat at the top of the mountain. He said he will be climbing that mountain as a desperate man and will leave as the world champion. This was better than anything he did in years in the WWE.

Chris Dickinson defeated Jordan Cruz (pinfall via Death Valley Driver)

Dickinson jumped Cruz as he entered the ring and clotheslined him on the ramp. He then took a mic and introduced himself and questioned his competition as Cruz crawled into the ring. He bad-mouthed Dave Marquez and Billy Corgan “or whoever was in charge here” before continuing his beatdown on Cruz. He locked in a half crab, hit a snap suplex, a back suplex, and kicked Cruz right in the spine multiple times. Cruz rallied though and hit a dropkick, a leg lariat and a hurricanrana out of the corner but Dickinson kicked out. Dickinson fought back and planted him with a death valley driver for the win.

UWN Television Champion Dan Joseph successfully defended against Levi Shapiro w/ Howdy Price

This was very short and had a rushed finish, possibly due to the main event being next and only having 15 minutes remaining. Shapiro has “inhuman strength” in his hand after recovering from a previous arm injury but unfortunately, this didn’t play into the match at all. Joseph is a very enthusiastic and excited babyface and won with a basement dropkick. Hopefully, they get another chance soon. Howdy Price stole the title belt as Shapiro and Joseph brawled to the back.

NWA World Heavyweight title

Nick Aldis(c) defeated Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis (TKO finish after a Texas Cloverleaf)

The announcer’s called her Maria Bennett, the graphic said Maria Kanellis and the ring announcer called her Mrs Bennett, whatever you choose to call her Maria got involved throughout here and played into a nice story between husband and wife. In the run-up to the match Bennett (Mike) hyped himself up into a frenzy, convincing himself he was winning the match and taking the title home. He wanted to win the match clean while Maria tried to help her husband cheat his way to the title, but was overthrown which eventually cost Bennet the match.

The referee got knocked down early and the action spilt to the ramp where Aldis hit a tombstone on Bennett. Kamille made her way out to keep Maria out of the action, and while they were staring at each other, Bennett regained his composure and took out Aldis with a crossbody off the same entrance ramp he was just tombstoned on.

They traded shots strikes in the ring but Aldis hit the MDD (Michinoku driver) for a two count. Bennett hit a superkick, a ripcord back elbow and clothesline for a two count of his own. Aldis hit another tombstone and a flying elbow drop but Bennett still kicked out. Bennett fought back with a middle rope superplex and a spear but it was Aldis’ turn to kick out at two.

Bennett hit a big piledriver but Aldis got his foot on the bottom rope. A desperate Maria gave Bennett the title belt so he could use it, but Bennett deliberated and eventually dropped it and went for another piledriver instead, but Aldis powered out and caught Bennett coming off the top rope and locked in the Texas Cloverleaf. Bennett screamed “I need this” before trying to crawl to the ropes but eventually passed out from the pain. Once Bennett got to his feet they shook hands as the first episode of Primetime went off the air.

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