Views of a Casual Wrestling Fan

In this brand new feature for TWM, TDF & Adam give us some of their views on the state of wrestling from a casual wrestling fans point of view.

Disclaimer: The views of TDF & Adam in no way represent those of The Wrestling Mania, the content also contains language that is inappropriate for children or people who are easily offended.

I’m a big wrestling fan and have been watching it since I was a boy. As a small boy in many ways the perfect WWE mark with my favourite’s being Hogan, Austin & The Rock. Whoever they told me to get behind I did and I loved it. Then I got older. Started having a mind of my own. Started reading dirt sheets. Started enjoying it more for what wasn’t seen on TV. Read me a load of books. Ran a shitty gimmicky roleplaying wrestling site with Co-Owner of TWM Michael ‘Macho Madness’ Owen. Watched everything I could.

Then I had to get a job and join the real world and wrestling had started to run its course. I couldn’t give it up completely but now I don’t read dirt sheets and I only really watch Raw, the odd PPV and, if there isn’t a repeat of a Big Bang Theory I’ve seen only a hundred times on, TNA.

These articles will be the thoughts of someone who is a big fan of wrestling but doesn’t really have the time for it.

Bound for Glory 20/10/13

  • I’ll be honest I didn’t see all of this. I was watching it when my buddy Adam came in. First thing he said was ‘Why is Bubba their World Champion?’ I couldn’t really answer him.
  • TNA’s hall of fame is so twee I can’t put it into words, which is upsetting when you’re trying to write an article. Kurt Angle realised it’s a joke and turned it down which makes you think he must have been drinking when he initially accepted.
  • Challenge’s coverage is the drizzling shits.
  • Who the fuck is Norv Fernum? Who the fuck is Ethan Carter? What the fuck is Taz smoking?
  • I liked Angle vs. Roode. That was a good match between two guys I like. Right up until Kurt’s nose started pouring with snot. It was distracting.
  • Sting needs to get his old arse to WrestleMania and cement his legacy. I’ve never seen anyone suggest this before so you all need to jump on this bandwagon I’ve started. That said he needs to not wear a t-shirt through the match. I want to see Sting in all of his saggy manboob glory. Taz has just questioned why Sting and Magnus are wrestling this says a lot.
  • Sting’s flimsy Scorpion Deathlock is the sort of move that makes Mrs TDF say ‘why do you watch this shit?’ and ‘that doesn’t look like it hurts’. I maintain it does hurt but most of the damage is done to my own pride.
  • Me and Adam are going to chant ‘You tapped out’ every time we see Sting now. Even when he’s with the police.
  • I think challenge are running a TNA competition.
  • I’ve never seen under the canvas of a ring before. It looks like Wickes.
  • Earl should have counted the fall and then gave her a load of shit or just not counted at all.
  • AJ Styles is too good to not be viewed by casual fans more often.

Raw 28/10/13

  • When they went to a break after Sandow’s ambush in preparation for him cashing in I knew he wasn’t going to win. It went from being an opportunist moment to a match, which is different to the standard money in the bank, but Sandow is only beating Cena in a moment not a match.
  • Cole described Cena’s career as legendary during the match and I suppose it’s true but shit does that make me uncomfortable. I don’t hate Cena but I think it says a lot about the product of the last 10 years
  • Cena won. I’m glad they put one armed Cena over all through the match on commentary and then he beat perfectly healthy Sandow who had attacked him prior to the match. Cena needs the rub. He’s not over enough.
  • I don’t get Big E Langston.
  • HBK is here to explain his actions from last night. My bet is that HHH is holding his smile hostage or that he’s pissed his money away again and JBL is secretly funding him to do his bidding. I liked HBK’s promo and demonstrating some heelish stylings. I also enjoyed how he acknowledged that DB was an A+ player which hasn’t been said by anyone in this entire ‘you’re not good enough to be champion…and look you’re not champion because you’re not good enough’ angle.
  • Daniel Bumfights looked like Zeus when he walked down to the ring. Zeus the mythological Greek god not Zeus from No Holds Barred.
  • HBK explaining that Triple H is his super best friend made me laugh but mainly because I imagined Hunter backstage before the show saying ‘and you will tell everyone we’re super best friends won’t you’ while holding hands.
  • Bryan vs HBK would be a wonderful thing and it was bad ass that Bryan put a hurting on the middle aged heart breaker. I wasn’t expecting that at all.
  • I don’t like a Wyatt/ Bryan feud at all. That is a serious demotion. I like the Wyatt gimmick but it’s not near what is just about still the hottest act in the business right now. Super lame.
  • I’d love to punch Stephanie in the face.
  • Punk is better than Ryback. Punk needs to be doing more interesting things.
  • Oooh the Wyatt’s are back and giving Chick Magnet a beating.
  • Did WWE really just promote a video of Goldust putting on makeup as something that’s ‘really cool’? Fuck.
  • WWE online voting for these 2k14 matches are totally rigged.
  • Fandango. One of those gimmicks that makes Mrs TDF say ‘why do you watch this shit?’
  • 171 minutes into my recording and it’s finally time for Triple H.
  • Triple H handpicked one man 10 years ago and that was Batista. Oh he means Randy Orton. Hmm. If anyone else was taking credit for Randy Orton’s rise to power over the last 10 years you’d think it was just a promo but you believe H believes it. Is that a good promo or something deeper?
  • The crowds are really hot for the Big Slow which shows that WWE can do somethings right. Not sure what the payoff is right now though. A match with Triple H? Playing devil’s advocate here with other authority angles let’s run a scenario. Let’s say this was 10 years ago. The authority is The Bisch, the World Champion is Trips and the Big Show can be played by anyone. In the same scenario does anyone think Triple H is the knocked down World Champ on the inside of the ring while the Big Slow stares out The Bisch? Nah.

Impact 24/10/13

  • AJ’s not much of a talker but he’s much improved from calling people ‘faggots’ on PPV.
  • Anderson looks like he’s been on the Walking Dead for the last two months.
  • Holy shit I’m sure that’s not what Ken Kennedy sounded like last time I heard him speak.
  • Tonight’s impact is all about adverts for Boardwalk Empire. That shit is awesome.
  • The fuck is Ethan Carter? The fuck is Dewey Barnes?
  • Decent match with AJ and Bully who is going to be in his own one man gang soon.
  • The Winter of Styles is upon us? Meh.

– By TDF


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