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Marvel: WandaVision | Ep. 2 | Who is Doing This To You Wanda?

In this article, I will breakdown a post-snap reverse MCU entry, as Disney launches into Phase 4 of the MCU. A 1950s style sitcom starring The Scarlett Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and Vision (who as of Endgame is presumed dead).

Episode 2

We open on Wanda and Vision in twin beds, a common staple of the ‘time’ (notably changing with The Brady Bunch Era) being awoken by a disturbance outside, Vision mentions that a couple of lads at Work had mentioned a few unsavoury characters moving into the neighbourhood. This would suggest the town is now feeling threatened by outside forces Vision goes to check and confirms there is nothing untoward.

There is a heavy theme of finding themselves and sorting life out during this and the previous episode, and I can’t help but feel this is leading somewhere sinister.

In this second instalment, we are treated to a Bewitched style intro. A homage to classic 50s sitcoms with Sepia-toned title cards to boot, the video pans over Wanda and Visions house, showing the different floors and features a Simpsons’ style ‘crawl space’ gag – in between the floors you can see a few bones, some cobwebs – but most notably a Helmet shaped object to shadow, looking to belong to The Grim Reaper (a character from a Vision Comic – Avengers 102) “My Brother… the grim reaper” which features a transferred consciousness – could this be a sign of what is in store for Wanda?

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Wanda and Vision are preparing for a talent show – in which they will perform a magic act together, like Glamour and Illusion (another Comic throwback). This episode seems to have advanced in the terms of timing as the clothing styles are different, for instance in a later scene Wanda wears pants!

Vision is curious why they have to fake the magic, given both of their abilities, however, Wanda insists that in real magician’ acts everything is fake, and as Talent show is a tradition in the neighbourhood etc and they want to fit in; a good impression is needed.

Wanda and Vision are both separate again in this episode, with Vision busy at Neighbourhood watch meeting, and Wanda attending a planning Committee meeting. After Vision departs, the disturbance happens again, this time Wanda goes to investigate outside and upon walking into her garden notices something lodged in her Rosebushes; a small S.W.O.R.D branded helicopter.

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To the viewer is very out of place, given that the entirety of the previous (barring the Toastmate advert in Episode 1) and current episode up until now have been monochrome, as the small child’s toy is in full living colour.

Agnes interrupts Wanda’s gaze on the item, ”There’s the star of the show!” she exclaims with her rabbit Senor Scratchy (Who played baby Jesus in last years Christmas pageant, this confirms the ‘Agnes is Agatha Harkness’ theory for me as Mr Scratch is an old ‘nickname’ for the Devil, Mephisto perhaps?) for the magic act and providing some classic ‘comedic relief’ to the episode having a hilarious exchange with the postman.

Agnes offers Wanda some advice, telling her “Dotty is the key to the town“; when it comes to parties, schools, and Country Clubs, etc. The only things on a Suburban Housewifes mind besides cooking and cleaning, and with that, they join the gaggle of women for an afternoon of planning. This was as expected a typical American PTA style meeting, most notable from this exchange, is Dotty advising Bev “The Devil is in the details”. Agnes whispers to Wanda “That’s not the only place he is” – (Mephisto = The Devil Villain – it’s black and white for me folks).

Vision arrives at the Library looking to be involved in the neighbourhood watch, banter ensues, of particular note a Mastication vs Masturbation joke after Vision is offered some Gum and of course – Danishes; Raspberry or Cheese filled.

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Dotty asks Wanda to stay behind and help her clear up, and at this point proclaims she has heard things about Wanda and Vision, and at the moment, there is another Disturbance.

The radio plays “Help Me, Ronda” (by the Beachboys) and is distorted, to sound like the music is singing to her… a faint voice cuts in “Wanda, who is doing this to you Wanda?” as this repeats, a glass smashes in Dotty’ hand and our second glimpse of colour is shown red blood.

After this odd exchange, we are treated to a Watch Advertisement – for Striiicker Watches with the slogan “He’ll Make Time for You” – eagle-eyed MCU fans will have noticed the Hydra logo on the bottom of the watch face, could this be a nod to the Hydra Leader himself who experimented on Wanda using the Mind Stone?

WandaVision: Who is the beekeeper? Maybe more than a Marvel Easter egg. -  Polygon

Vision is late for the talent show due to ingesting gum at his Neighbourhood Watch meeting, given he is a machine this is slowing his gears and making him appear almost drunk.

The act starts, and Vision is performing excellent feats of ‘man’ and Wanda has to use her magic to help him out when he floats, deadlifts pianos and passes a hat through himself.

For the final act, Agnes offers her husband, Ralph, for the Cabinet of Mysteries. Vision ‘drunkenly’ hits the box with his magic wand, and the crowd begins to chant “What’s in the box” as Wanda in a panic, magics Geraldine from the Planning committee from backstage into the box ‘just like that’

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After the act, they go backstage Wanda investigates the problem and removes the gum and they try to sneak off but are caught and accosted by Dotty. Things seem to take a turn for the worse until she proclaims finds them hilarious and congratulates them on an act well done. The most hilarious they have ever seen, they are awarded the inaugural ”Comedy Performance Of The Year” trophy!

The pair return home, to debrief on the couch, the pair stand and suddenly Wanda is pregnant! She looks into his eyes and asks Vision if this is really happening, he confirms it.

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There is another ‘disturbance’ outside, and the pair go out to look around, down the street a manhole cover moves and out crawls a figure in a beekeeper costume emblazoned with the S.W.O.R.D logo and swarmed with bees. Who turns to look at the pair – maybe he is there to rescue Wanda from the Hive mind she has created?

Suddenly, Wanda hits rewind with a simple ”NO” and it’s like nothing ever happened, the pair are beside the sofa once again. Vision confirms to pregnant Wanda that again, this is really happening and kisses her as he begins to come to life in living colour and with this so does the rest of the world, Like the slide of a filter, sealed with a kiss.

As the ‘credits’ roll, the crackly radio voice appears once again, pleading with Wanda. “Who is doing this to you Wanda – Who?”. Could this be a simulation? Is Wanda trapped by someone? Is S.W.O.R.D trying to save her or harm her?

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