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In this article, I will breakdown WandaVision, Marvels First release for Phase 4, as we approach the end of the series with the penultimate episode airing 26/02, What is next for the MCU powerhouse that is Wanda, there is one thing for sure it’s been a hell of a ride. Sticking with the format of my previous breakdowns, It’s been Agatha All Along…i mean, here are 5 things we learned from Episode 8: Previously On..

Salem Witch Trials

Agatha was tied to a stake and tried for betraying her Coven. It is revealed that Agatha was Practising Dark Magic, and accessing information above her station. She is to be punished!

The Coven begins chanting an incantation, and hit her with a blue magic stream, in an attempt to kill her whilst her mother who is leading the trial stands and watches, before joining in the chant.

Agatha Harkness

Agatha fights back and drains her coven slowly, and they try to fight against her but it is no use, Agatha dispenses of them killing them all, but leaving her mother standing alone.

She pleads with her Mother, telling her she can be good and begs her to keep her alive.

Her mother refuses, telling her she cannot be good, her mother attacks her with magic again, and Agatha has to commint Matricide, killing her mother, stealing her signature brooch and flying off into the night.

Agatha: A Witch On A Mission

Agatha is keeping Wanda hostage in her basement, Wanda can’t use her magic here because the basement is protected by a simple runes incantation, only the witch who casts can use magic within them (This will 100000% be used against her i can feel it)

Agatha seems jealous that Wanda can use different forms of magic, stuff she has tried for years and years to perfect and sustain it on this level. She wants to know how and Agatha is holding the twin’s hostage until she does!

Wanda is not aware how she did it, but Agatha seems to have a method of finding out, she tells Wanda she will be taking her through some ‘real’ reruns.

The Wanda Show

WandaVision Reruns

Wanda is shown 4 seperate ‘reruns’ by Agatha.

The Bombing in Sokovia

Wanda parents loved reruns of sitcoms, and her father tried to sell them to make money during the day, They all watched together as a family. Her Father asked her if she was sure this was her pick, Season 2 Ep 21 of The Dick Van Dye Show, she agrees and the whole family sit around watching.

Suddenly, a bomb hits and screen goes black, Wanda and Pietro as we know from Age of Ultron are the only ones still alive in the rubble.

Agatha reveals that Wanda cast a Probability Hex and stopped the bomb exploding

Hydra Experiments: Volunteer

Hydra is conducting many experiments with The Sceptre, the original housing for the Mind Stone.

Wanda enters a room, and is entranced by the stone as it floats in front of her, the mind stone breaks loose from its housing and blasts her, she falls to the floor, but most importantly, she survives the experiment when all others died

HYDRA wanted to use the Mind Stone on many of Sokovia’s inhabitants, some of who possessed genetic oddities that they felt made them ideal candidates for experiments with the Stone.

Avengers Facility: In Captivity
Wanda and Vision - <3

Agatha and Wanda are now at the Avenger facility, where Wanda and Vision were housed as Tony Stark thought Wanda to be a threat, and they are watching TV together.

Wanda tells Vision how she is drowning in sorrow at the loss of her parents and her brother.

The Birth of The Hex

We finally see Wanda go to Sword to recover Vision body to give him a funeral, she is met with resistance at first, but Hayward asks for her to be let in to see him in his office. Wanda arrives in Hayward’s office and he shows her Visions body being cut apart and dismantled.

The pair go back and forth, Wanda is against them dismantling him. Hayward thinks it is S.W.O.R.Ds ethical duty. Wanda tells him Vision is all she has left, Heartlessly, Hayward tells her Vision isn’t hers

This makes her a tad angry

She smashed the glass in the observation room and floated down to him, plecing her hand on his head, so she can try to read him like she had done many a time before and can’t feel anything in there, she cannot feel him! (this is a really sad scene)

Wanda and Vision Episode 8

Wanda leaves and gets in her car, driving to Westview which is very run down, arriving at the site where she and Vision had supposed to live and grow old together, the house is just foundations.

Wanda breaks down in tears, overcome with grief and sadness, exploding chaos magic everywhere. This builds Westview as we see in earlier episodes and most importantly builds her Vision. After seeing this, Agatha has her twins on magical leashes in the street choking them and reveals that after all she has seen, Wanda must be the Scarlet Witch.

Project Catarract

In a post credit scence, Hayward is outside The Hex, with a team of S.W.O.R.D agents, one of whom tells him they are ready for launch.

Hayward enters a tent, He says they finally have what they needed, a source of Wandas Magic, from the drone they sent in for her.

Wanda Vision Episode 8 Post-Credits Scene

An agent flips a switch, we pan to a rebuilt (albeit faded and monochrome) Vision, who comes to life, twitching his hands.

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