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WCW: Monday Nitro Results | Jeff Jarrett Vs. Ric Flair – May 15, 2000

In the week that we heard that Ric Flair is training for an in-ring return at the age of 73. It was apt timing as 22 years ago this week Flair was winning his 15th world title on an episode of WCW Nitro against Jeff Jarrett.

This would be Flair’s second last recognized world title reign, although not as memorable as him beating Harley Race in 1983 Starrcade, or Sting at WrestleWar 1993, or Vader at Starrcade 1993, the title win was over as quickly as it started and was shadowed by the ongoing and opinion dividing New Blood vs Millionaires Club feud.

Flair’s win was a success in the arena with the live crowd and in viewing figures (that everyone was so obsessed with at the time). However, if you were watching at home you might have felt a bit underwhelmed as the commentary team seemed confused after the match.

According to Bryan Alvarez and his Death of WCW book, the commentary team were not made aware of the upcoming title change, and it showed.

Nevertheless, the Flair win was a boost to the rating and looked good on television with the crowd going crazy. But as quick as Flair won the title, he had no time to celebrate as Jarrett quickly broke a guitar over his back and Kevin Nash appeared to powerbomb Jarrett breaking the ring in the process. To make matters worse, and his title win ever more so meaningless, he was booked to suffer a fake heart attack on Thunder two days later, and the next week on Nitro, Jeff Jarrett was just awarded the title back by Vince Russo.

Although the show itself finished with an unadvertised Ric Flair WCW title win, the show’s open was focused on the Sting vs Vampiro feud and their House of Pain match that would open the show. What is a House of Pain match I hear you ask? It is a steel cage with a roof and no referee, the objective of the match is to shackle your opponent to the cage via the multiple handcuffs hanging from each side and have free reign to inflict the pain the match is named after. Sting won the match after shackling Vampiro to the cage and squishing him with a crossbody. A tad underwhelming in the old “pain” department.

This episode of Nitro is also very significant as it is the episode where Hugh Morrus… Sorry, he deserves his full rank. Captain Rection, re-named the Misfits In Action.

  • Former Flock member Hammer was named Major Stash
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr was renamed Lieutenant Loco
  • Lash LeRoux changed to Corporal Cajun
  • Tylene Buck was brought into the group as Major Gunns. (Get it? Because she has… Yeah)

Flair wasn’t the only one to win gold here. Kronik defeated The Wall to win the tag titles in what should have been a two-on-two match, but The Wall’s partner Shane Douglas just up and left seconds into the match. Three table breaks in three minutes later and the valiant babyfaces had overcome the odds and defeated their one heel opponent and won the titles… Later in the show Crowbar and Daffney co-won the Cruiserweight title from Chris Candido in a mixed tag match when Daffney pinned Tammy Synch. WCW folks. WCW.

If you hadn’t realised by now, Vince Russo was booking WCW at this time.

If the above was not bizarre enough, if you want to see career babyface Rey Mysterio as a heel, this is the show for you. Rey was part of a three-on-one hardcore match against Terry Funk which would eventually involve 11 different members of the roster getting involved. What WCW saw in Rey that would scream heel I don’t know, but he, Konnan and Juventud Guerrera completely battered the poor Funker with chair shots that to 2022 eyes were a bit much. Funk would act knocked out, only to be revived by Major Gunns and some mouth to mouth resuscitation. How mouth to mouth brings someone back from being knocked out I don’t know but hey, I’m not a doctor.

Kevin Nash then defeated Mike Awesome by powerbombing him off the stage in an “Ambulance Stretcher type match” (according to Tony Schiavone) that did not involve an ambulance or a stretcher having to be involved.

Overall we had a House of Pain match, a handicap match with three table spots, a three-on-one hardcore match, a mixed tag match, an ambulance match, a triple threat, a heel turn, and three title changes. This was a Vince Russo episode of Nitro if there ever was one.

Two months later we would have a Viagra on a pole match, and ten months later WCW would be no more.

This episode of Nitro was entertaining I give it that. You certainly did not know what was coming next and the show did not really drag at any point. However, this type of show has its negatives. A lot of them. With everything happening so quickly, nothing had the chance to breathe. We had three title changes and a heel turn that we had no time to process because we quickly had to jump to the next angle involving Eric Bischoff or Russo and their cronies. The absolute haphazard state of WCW at this time is well documented elsewhere on this website (often by me) but if you ever have 100 free minutes where you want to be reminded of how to lose viewers, see Jeff Jarrett in the main events, watch WCW make stipulations and Ric Flair title wins meaningless, this ladies and gentleman is the show to watch.

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