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What NXT & WWE Superstars Should Mercedes Martinez Face First?

Victoria Tezangi looks at who new WWE signing Mercedes Martinez should face in her first high-profile match.

It was recently revealed that a new batch of talents had signed with the WWE, making their way to the Performance Center. Amongst the new additions is one of the best female wrestlers in the world today, Mercedes Martinez.

No stranger to the WWE, taking part in both Mae Young Classic events, her signing to a major promotion was most certainly well overdue. The latest addition to WWE, Martinez has a lot to bring to the table: her experience and veteran nature along with history with so many of the WWE female talent today makes her a strong new superstar on the roster and there is an array of potential opponents just waiting to meet with Martinez in the ring to create something very special.  

Considering Martinez is likely to head straight to NXT while Shayna Baszler looks to be heading to the main roster, it may be some time before we see these two women collide in the ring once again in their careers. These two are no stranger to one another, working alongside one another on the independent scene prior to Baszler signing with the WWE. The two women did meet during the Mae Young classic and gave WWE fans an insight into what they can put on together when they share the ring, however since then Shayna has come incredibly far.

If we include their history and chemistry the pair are sure to work an excellent one on one bout at this stage of their careers and this is a great way to show more personal character and story work for Martinez, taking a step back from just showing how good she is in the ring. Not to mention this also works as a completely new angle for Baszler.

Sasha Banks isn’t always given the ring time she deserves, so it can be easy to forget just how good she is but booking her in a one on one match-up against Mercedes Martinez could very easily remind the world why she is one of the best on the scene today. Despite the size difference, this is a brilliant opportunity for Banks to show how diverse her move set is. Her speed, agility, athleticism and wrestling ability can clearly be on display here against an opponent with plenty of experience and equally strong wrestling ability.

It’s an opponent like Martinez who could showcase a new and even more exciting part of Banks’ in-ring abilities and provide a match that could work as one of the best we have seen from the Boss throughout her career. Not to mention the collision between the two characters makes for very entertaining work indeed.

Despite not seeing much of Deonna Purrazzo since signing with the WWE, she is a future talent who is sure to rock the women’s division once she really gets going. With Mercedes Martinez now signed also we have the chance to witness something very special between two very experienced women.

Both Deonna and Mercedes have worked so hard for so many years and during that time have been a part of epic matches and when meeting inside a WWE ring, we get here is the chance to witness a singles match that could go down in history as an all-time great between two women who are the future of the division. It’s colliding against one another that could really show just how amazing these two women both are.

As far as dream matches go, not many tops the list quite like Charlotte Flair vs Mercedes Martinez and we are a step closer to seeing this take place! The two women are incredible athletes – with similarities in parts of their move sets – and so there really is no denying that together these women could provide one heck of a match-up that could not only steal any show, but main event any PPV.

These are two big names in the women’s wrestling scene and upon sharing a ring what we are promised is a strong competitive bout between two standouts of this generation in women’s wrestling. This is a future bout between two strong, dominant and athletic performers battling to prove they are the very best and it’s sure to draw in fans from the get-go.

Io Shirai is another fantastic talent within the WWE Women’s division surely going places and destined to be a key figure in the future. Colliding with Mercedes Martinez makes for yet another dream matchup and depending on how quickly Mercedes is put in front of the screen we could be seeing these two come face to face sooner than we may think. Fans can expect to see a fast-paced intense match up that makes it incredibly difficult to predict the end result. There’s a clear difference in size here, but the experience and skills of both these women make this a close to call bout you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

And the final name we just must mention is of course Natalya. As one of the most experienced women on the roster today she is a true veteran that can seriously help elevate the career of any superstar. The experience factor here is part of what makes this potential match up so must see and so promising.

These are two women so skilled, who have competed in so many amazing matches that seeing them come face to face is long overdue. This makes for an interesting new kind of storyline for Natalya that could once again show the world just how good she is. Natalya goes through stages of not quite being used as well as she should be and so a one on one against a talent like Martinez is exactly what she needs to further cement her legacy and prove how strong of talent she is.

Mercedes Martinez is a huge name to sign with the WWE and we all know that is long overdue. She is an incredibly talented and experienced star with so much to offer the WWE Women’s division and with such a stacked roster, fans can sit back and prepare for some pretty awesome matches.

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