What They Should Do With WWE Evolution

This past week on Raw, Stephanie McMahon, flanked by her father Vince, and husband Triple H, opened the show to announce a groundbreaking new PPV called “Evolution” which will take place on October 28 and feature all women. This is something fans of female wrestling has been waiting for WWE to create for many years, and now it’s finally going to happen.

You could be negative and say that if Triple H and Stephanie had three sons as opposed to three daughters, there wouldn’t even be a women’s revolution going on right now, but let’s try and stay positive because this is a massive step forward for women’s wrestling whichever way you look at it.

The event in question will air live on the WWE Network from the historic Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. The PPV will feature today’s stars along with many of the faces from the past, coming together for one very special night. Already announced for the supercard is a Smackdown, Raw and NXT Women’s Championship Match along with the finals of the Mae Young classic. It promises to be an unforgettable evening.

Now, the following isn’t some fantasy booking. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and it’s something more along the lines of what I would present to Vince McMahon and co if I was booking the show. So of course we kick things off with a long-winded speech by Stephanie about how she created the entire Women’s Revolution….

Once Stephanie is finished taking all the glory and eating up all the air time, it will be time for the action to begin. The first match of the night needs to be a good one between two very familiar faces to the fans, and who better to open the show than Bayley and Sasha Banks. They have a long history and are arguably the main reason this revolution even started in the first place. They’re currently playing buddies at the moment on WWE television, but expect that to change in the coming months, and hopefully it’s Sasha who turns heel and reveals she’s been manipulating Bayley the entire time. Give these two 20 minutes and they will tear the house down. It doesn’t really matter who wins, it’s just about setting the tone for the evening. However, if I was to choose a winner I’d have Bayley go over with a roll-up over the cocky Boss.

The Mae Young Classic should be a fun bout. Having looked at the entire field, I believe there are some promising talents there and real potential for a show-stealer. Io Shirai and Deonna Purrazzo seem the obvious candidates to make it to the finals, unless WWE want to throw Kaitlyn into the mix for nostalgia purposes, although I doubt many even remember her. Shirai and Purrazzo is definitely the match to go with to showcase the future of women’s wrestling in WWE. Both are extremely talented and have already paid their dues all around the world. Purrazzo has a marketable look for sure, but this isn’t the main roster yet so Shirai should get the win in a 15 minute highlight reel.

If WWE are smart, they will wait for this night to give Becky Lynch her long awaited coronation as Smackdown Women’s Champion. As of writing she is set to challenge Carmella at SummerSlam, and with James Ellsworth no longer around, all signs point towards a new champion being crowned in Brooklyn. However, that would be shortsighted on WWE’s part. Allow Carmella to sneak away with the title, brag about it, and let Becky build her way back up to a rematch and have it happen at Evolution. That’s the perfect stage for Lynch to take the title off Carmella, and bring legitimacy back to the championship. After the match, Asuka can cut the celebrations short by turning heel and brutally attacking the new champion, thus setting up a huge new rivalry for the blue brand.

Now time for the nostalgic fix most fans will be craving come this event. We have to put Trish Stratus in a one-on-one match, considering she’s widely considered the greatest female performer in the history of WWE. As much as I’d love her to take down Alexa Bliss, that would be unrealistic. Instead, I’d have her take on long time nemesis, Mickie James and let them roll back the years. Both are still in exceptional shape and had a tremendous rivalry back in 2006 which culminated in the best female match at WrestleMania pre-revolution. I’m sure they’re capable of delivering something very special once again. Trish has to go over, no question about it.

Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women’s Champion, and I can see her holding onto the gold at SummerSlam by hook or by crook. But who will she defend the title against at Evolution? Not Nia Jax again, Ronda Rousey will be tied up elsewhere, so maybe Ember Moon? She’s certainly over enough and can go in the ring. I wouldn’t have her take the title at Evolution, but I’d have her push Bliss to the absolute limit, and only have Alexa scrape the win and be terrified of the prospect of having to defend her championship against Moon again.

We all love The Iiconics, right? No, just me? Okay then. I think they’re freaking awesome. One of the best double acts WWE have ever had. But there’s one double act, that I’d love to see take on Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, and that’s The Bella Twins of course. It wouldn’t be anything spectacular in terms of in-ring action but it’ll serve a purpose of giving the fans some enjoyment and a rest between the classic contests. Nikki Bella is involved, so she will definitely get the win for her team here, but I’d love to hear what The Icconics would have to say about Twin Magic.

Now time for the NXT stars to shine. Shayna Baszler is the current Champion, and she will certainly hold the gold going into this event. She is a dominant superstar that wrestles like no one else on the roster. Is Kairi Sane the one to stop her reign of terror? I believe so, and that would showcase NXT to a larger audience and get more eyeballs on the product. You’d have to make it somewhat flukey to keep Shayna strong for her imminent move to the main roster.

The main event will be Ronda Rousey taking on former best friend Natalya, who stabbed her in the back at SummerSlam and cost her the Raw Women’s Championship. Make it a Lumberjill Match and have the ring surrounded with past and present performers in WWE’s women’s division. No surprise who will come out on top here, Rousey will look strong and take the win to silence her former BFF. Many fans are expecting Rousey and Charlotte to headline this PPV, but that would be a waste. Keep that for WrestleMania. The night will end with the entire division in the ring parading Rousey around while Triple H and Stephanie McMahon arrive on stage to applied and take the plaudits.


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