What Went Wrong With Sin Cara?

Well – he’s gone.

Alongside Luke Harper and both members of The Ascension, the man that had a bloody trampoline in his entrance has somehow not been a success within WWE. Unbelievable.

But in all seriousness; Sin Cara hit the WWE main roster stage all the way back in 2011 with a huge independent backing behind him, a cool entrance and clearly an innate wrestling ability that comes to very few. Whereas we now sit here, eight years later and he’s been released from the biggest wrestling company in the world, after asking for said release himself. This article will run through the past eight years and try to work out where it all went wrong for the man now known as Cinta de Oro.

When Sin Cara initially debuted on the main roster in August 2011, he was already presented under…strange circumstances. In his initial run, all his matches were under the haze of a purplish/orange light that made everything hard to see: for the fans, the wrestlers, the audience at home. Think of it as the pilot for ‘The Fiend’s’ lighting. But almost worse.

His in-ring talent was the one standout, clearly at a ridiculously high level- able to fly around the ring whilst telling intricate stories at the same time. But then…the botches started. Whether it was almost killing himself in one of his first entrances by stacking the trampoline spot and landing on his neck or dislocating his finger against Alberto Del Rio in a routine spot that caused the entire match to stop, it wasn’t looking good.

His first real story-line wasn’t amazing either. It involved the ‘Anti-Sin Cara’ because, y’know, that sounds great. This ‘other’ Sin Cara would come out in darker gear and compete in an almost identical manner, just slightly more heelishly. The story culminated in a ‘mask vs mask’ stipulation that the bad Sin Cara lost (who would go onto become Hunico….and then Sin Cara again).

The highlight of Sin Cara in WWE is two-fold. The first being his involvement in the joint best match of WrestleMania 32; the Intercontinental Championship match. The second being his NXT days where he joined Kalisto and formed the tag team ‘The Lucha Dragons’. Whilst their main roster run wasn’t overly successful, their stint in NXT won over fans massively and helped them win the NXT Tag Team Championships from the longest-running champions in history; his release partners, The Ascension.

So where did it go wrong for the man who clearly was talented at the in-ring portion of professional wrestling but seemingly couldn’t connect at the entertainment part? Well, honestly, that right there. In this modern-day age of wrestling, where there is exquisite in-ring action in every corner of the world, you need to be able to connect on an emotional level. And, when you’re a faceless, silent man with in-ring action that is similar to thousands who have come before you; you’re always going to struggle.

I honestly feel like Sin Cara will go onto have a successful run in the independents going into 2020 but his time in WWE will always be looked back on as a missed opportunity…purely just because HE HAD A TRAMPOLINE GODDAMMIT. WORLD CHAMP MATERIAL.

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