Who’s Next in Line For a Universal Title Shot?

Following SummerSlam, we take a look at who is odds-on to be the next challenger to Seth Rollins’ Universal Championship.

That’s it for another SummerSlam, and by WWE’s recent standards it wasn’t half bad.

Each match brought something different to the Biggest Party of the Summer, but there was only one bout that everyone was talking about afterwards – Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins.

In a surprising turn of events the title changed hands once again, with Rollins slaying the beast for the second time this year, and with WWE keen to emphasise that there are no guaranteed rematches anymore. That could mean that we could be able to see a fresh matchup between Rollins and another superstar on the Raw roster.

Rollins win was a shock on Sunday evening, with many in attendance quickly switching off the match expecting a squash Lesnar win. However, Lesnar was beaten and while he will likely be in the title picture again, in the not so distant future, fans are hopeful for a fresh challenge in the meantime. But, who could that be?

The Fiend

Coming off the heels of Summer Slam the one superstar that fans were enjoying seeing back in the ring was Bray Wyatt and his new supernatural character ‘The Fiend’. Bray has been away from weekly television for far too long.

So his return was a welcome sight for everyone, and while the WWE dropped the ball with him on his initial run, there is hope that this latest repackaged version could take him to superstardom.

We have seen Wyatt cutting promos for months now in his ‘Firefly Fun House’ segments, but his return to action was equally impressive. His new creepy mask and lamp complete with a Bray Wyatt face engrossed the WWE Universe, and he didn’t seem to miss a step in his squash victory over Finn Balor.

The title could be the next thing he lays his eyes on, but the likely scenario would seem that we could see a potential series of matches with Balor that would culminate with a battle between Fiend and Demon Balor at Survivor Series.


The former US Champion has recently dropped the title to AJ Styles and has put on two high-quality rematches against the former WWE champion. His rise through the ranks of NXT and now onto the main roster has been fascinating, and he is an undeniable star already.

Whether he is ready to take the jump and challenge Rollins for the title remains to be seen. Still, as we saw on the Raw after Summer Slam he has already aligned with Rollins, and a possible heel turn would be a character progression no online sportsbook expected.

His high-flying ability and the skills that he has to do things that other superstars can’t have engrossed the WWE Universe, and he is easily one of the most popular superstars on the roster. There wasn’t really any doubt about his main event qualities since Ricochet hasn’t had a bad match throughout his tenure with WWE, and the potential of a match between Ricochet and Rollins could be something out of this world.

Braun Strowman

There aren’t many other superstars that have the ability that Strowman does of captivating the crowd with superhuman pieces of strength. His record speaks for itself. He main evented both Survivor Series and Summer Slam in 2017, and he also holds the records for the most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match and the Elimination Chamber match.

Standing at 6 ft 8 in it would be fascinating to see what Rollins and Strowman could do in the ring together.

The most notable feud that Strowman has had in recent years was against Rollins’ Shield buddy Roman Reigns. So far, however, he hasn’t been able to reach the pinnacle after falling short on four separate title matches.

With Lesnar out of the picture, this could finally be the time that we get to see Strowman have a successful title match, and the roots have already been planted on Monday Night Raw following Strowman making the save for Rollins.

However, the most likely scenario down the line is that we see Strowman face Rollins for the title in another multi-person match, also featuring Ricochet and AJ Styles.


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