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Why Alexa Bliss Is WWE’s Little Miss Perfect

Alexa Bliss has had an incredible rise to the top in her short time with WWE, where she has experienced pretty much everything.

She’s a multiple-time women’s Champion, hosted and competed at WrestleMania, defeated every member of the Four Horsewomen, formed an entertaining partnership with Nikki Cross, had her own talk show, clashed with Ronda Rousey and more. She also speaks about her battle with anorexia, her real-life issues with Sasha Banks, and her love of animals and Disney. Little Miss Bliss is a fantastic character and person. Here, we delve into the life and career of Lexi Kaufman.

The 28-year-old blonde bombshell looks the stereotypical WWE Diva that Vince McMahon has dreams about, but underneath that beautiful exterior is a bright, intelligent woman with a great story to tell, passion for the business, and underrated talent. She was signed to a WWE contract in 2013 and made her debut in NXT, hitting her stride as a valet before eventually making the jump to the main roster where she has excelled and exceeded all expectations.

Bliss has been involved in sports since the age of five, competing in a range of athletic competitions from kickboxing to gymnastics. She was also a successful cheerleader in high school, before suffering from an eating disorder in her teens that threatened to derail her entire life. Thankfully, she won the battle by turning to athletic sports to channel her mind and overcome her demons.

Lexi’s biggest loves outside of wrestling are Disney and animals. She has been visiting Disneyland since the age of three and has become passionately obsessed with the global brand. As if that wasn’t enough to totally fall in love with her, she also has a pet pig, among other animals in her house.

Despite her inexperience, Bliss was positioned as a top heel on the SmackDown roster upon her arrival, defeating Becky Lynch and capturing the brand’s Women’s Championship on two occasions in short order. Her rapid rise to the top is said to be one of the causes of disdain from Sasha Banks, who doesn’t believe Alexa is a fan of wrestling and is simply using the platform to further her career with the mainstream media. If that were the case, she’d have been out of WWE by now and forging a successful reign as a Hollywood actor, because unlike The Boss she can actually act and remember her lines.

After conquering Smackdown, Bliss was moved to Monday Night Raw where she became the face of the division, once again dominating the title scene. Her feud with Nia Jax which culminated in a very good bout at WrestleMania was a highlight. However, the less said about her rivalry with Bayley the better. Hey, you can’t hit a home run every night of the week. During her stint on Raw, she became the first female to win both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships, as we as come out victorious in the inaugural Women’s Elimination Chamber Match, knocking off Sasha Banks in the process. I’m sure that went down well in the booking room.

Bliss has done it all in WWE. She even became Little Miss Money In The Bank to capture her third Raw Women’s Championship, stopping Ronda Rousey from reaching the summit in the process. However, concussion and nagging injuries stopped Alexa in her tracks and she was forced to sit on the sidelines for long periods of time. She may have been all smiles hosting WrestleMania and posing alongside Hulk Hogan, but behind the scenes, there were fears she would never return to in-ring competition.

Thankfully, she did. Since her return, she has been a babyface and a really effective one at that. Her partnership and subsequent Tag Team Title run with Nikki Cross has been a joy to watch. We all suspect Bliss will revert to her dastardly ways and turn on Cross, but I’m not convinced fans will boo her anymore. She’s become a cult favourite, and it would be more interesting and original to have Cross do the heel turn instead.

Long may her career run in WWE. Her heart is in wrestling, no matter what her haters may say. She is committed to the art form and strives to get better with each day. I do believe WWE are missing a trick by not having her cut promos on a regular basis as she’s one of the very few there right now who can do so convincingly. Youth is still on her side, and the future is hers to grasp. Alexa Bliss may be the persona we love to see on TV, but Lexi Kaufman is fast becoming just as popular thanks to her social media posts. Little Miss Bliss? More like Little Miss Perfect.

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