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Will We See Brock Lesnar Vs. Tyson Fury?

Shortly after Tyson Fury had beaten Braun Strowman at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, the Englishman proclaimed that he wanted Brock Lesnar next.

At the time, WWE was extremely keen on the idea and penciled it in for Wrestlemania 36. Indeed, Fury had proven himself a massive hit in the United States, and WWE wanted to strike while the iron was still hot. Sadly now, some nine months on, the chances of that match-up look to have completely gone. 

Most of this is due to the fact that Fury, the current WBC champion of the world, has been ordered to fight Dillian Whyte. In essence, what this means is that the 31-year-old won’t be able to return to the WWE ring for at least the next 18 months after previously agreeing on a two-fight deal with Anthony Joshua. In hindsight, that was a decision that was perhaps taken in haste as Fury still had to fight Deontay Wilder for their third and final bout. 

All in all, this now means that Fury has now committed to a minimum of four fights over the next 18 months and that may indicate the beginning of the end of his WWE career as interest cools on the heavy-hitting boxer. The one saving grace could be that Fury is still heavily backed to win all of his fights, which if he does so, will mean that his stock will be at an all-time high at the end of it.

Confidence in Fury is widespread throughout the boxing industry. Just have a look at the prices he is to win his next two fights against Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua; Fury is at a mere 2/7 and 4/7, respectively. Bettors who want to see the extent that Fury is backed to win all of his next fights can do so online; for instance, Betfair is an online betting site that has the odds for all his upcoming bouts. 

With this in mind, you can see why Vince McMahon may want to keep in touch with Fury’s representatives over the next year in order to do a deal if he comes out the other side undefeated. If this happens, Fury’s return to the WWE could be the biggest of all time. As for his opponent, well, Fury has made it clear that he would like to fight Lesnar, but we will have to see where the 42-year-old South Dakota native is come the end of 2021.

We know that Lesnar lost his WWE world title to Drew Mclntyre during Wrestlemania 36, the match that Fury wanted. So, there could be a chance that Fury takes on McIntyre in an all-British affair.

There’s some way to go on that deal and many ifs and buts in regards to whether we will see Tyson Fury in the WWE ring again. But there is also a road ahead that does lead to the biggest fight the sport has seen. All in good time, let’s hold fingers that Fury comes through the gauntlet of fights he has lined up ahead of him.


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