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William Eaver Suspended By PROGRESS Wrestling

William Eaver suspended for three shows by PROGRESS Wrestling for violent conduct

Eaver endangered fans at the latest show in Camden

Former PROGRESS Champion William Eaver has been suspended from Progress Wrestling for the next three shows.

This comes after Progress’ latest chapter, “Dalmatians”, when Eaver performed a fallaway slam on The OJMO into the audience. Eaver, however, did not give any spectator any warning as to what he was going to do.

Progress, in their official statement, said:

“We acknowledge that this was not a deliberate attempt by Eaver to endanger those fans in the immediate vicinity and thankfully, nobody was hurt as a result; however, we do feel that on this occasion not enough care was taken to ensure those fans were aware of what was about to take place. We have spoken with Eaver about his responsibilities as a wrestler and trust that he will take this time to consider how he can perform to the best of his abilities in the future.”

As things stand, Eaver will return at Progress’ London show in April. He will miss PROGRESS’ first show in Cardiff on February 2nd as a result.

TWM will provide more news as we get it.


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