Wrestling: A Fantasy World Wide Wrestling Draft

The WWE draft is always one of the more intriguing times on the calendar. Whether a shoot or not, it inspires many a fan to wonder what is next. Which wrestlers will be switching brands and what fresh new feuds will we see? But what if we expanded that? Eric Bishoff discussed this possibility and it got the wheels spinning. What wrestlers would most benefit from a change of scenery? Which athletes would cause the biggest splash and change the foundation of their respective companies? A World Wide Wrestling Draft.

With the level of excitement that any draft creates, WWE, NBA, NFL etc, it would be interesting to see other major companies get involved. Having a World Wide Wrestling Draft would be an interesting venture and a sure-fire ratings boost for everyone involved.

Seeing wrestlers leave their respective companies for other pastures would get a huge reaction from the IWC. The outcry would be tremendous and would make for hours of online entertainment… So, let us experiment with some possible scenarios below. Throw away your logical booking and your tribalism too, because anything goes here;

Randy Orton Becoming All-EliteWorld Wide Wrestling Draft

He might not be the #1 Draft Pick in the world, but Orton is only in his 40s and has accomplished more in WWE than most do in a career. His Hall of Fame credentials are very impressive but it does lend to another thought. Has Orton done everything there is to do? Would a change of scenery be a great idea? The short answer is yes.

The Viper is a WWE staple. Having AEW take him in a draft would be a huge coup for the company and give them a top star. The potential match-ups would be fantastic and fresh. There are a lot of wrestlers in AEW that Orton hasn’t faced and this would revitalize his career.

On the other side, there is some history with others on the roster. Putting him against CM Punk or Bryan Danielson would allow AEW to work off an established history.

Also, who wouldn’t love to see Orton take his Legend Killer gimmick on the road. Taking out the legends of AEW would create instant heat for the Apex Predator… Watch out Kenny Omega.

Matt Cardona Moving Back HomeWorld Wide Wrestling Draft

Since his release, he has become one of the best heels on the independent scene. Formally known as Zack Ryder, the Long Island Broski has reinvented himself outside of WWE and has been winning titles and getting tremendous heat from the crowd wherever he goes. Cardona has developed quite the edge in his character and it is helping him to evolve.

This evolution would be precisely what WWE needs. The mid-card is very light on proper heels. It is something that WWE has struggled with. The roster has been very top-heavy and the focus is on the top prize. Bringing Cardona over would give the WWE a fantastic mid-card heel and one that can help to get some importance back to the secondary championships… Maybe even the fabled WWE Championship on a show that doesn’t have Roman Reigns?

Guerillas of Destiny Traveling Up NorthWorld Wide Wrestling Draft

The independents have developed some of the best tag teams in the world. G.O.D is arguably near the top of that list. They have been a fantastic tag team that has had success all over the world. Winning titles in NJPW and ROH they have established themselves as a bankable team that has instant recognition with the audience.

Bringing them to WWE would cause some nervousness in the world but hear me out. Yes, Vince has a history of not treating tag teams very well but this team could receive some great booking. For starters, there is a family history there that WWE loves.  Being the sons of the legendary Islanders, there is a built-in family history that followed Roman Reigns and others. This could push WWE to treat the team seriously.

Then there is the fact that WWE’s tag team division is weak. There are few legitimate teams, which has decimated the division over the years. Bringing G.O.D in would boost some numbers and introduce a recognizable team that would help the image that the division has maintained for years.

Alexa Bliss conquers North AmericaWorld Wide Wrestling Draft

Bliss was a fantastic story in WWE. A bonafide star. As a smaller athlete, it would have been easy for her to fade into the background. There were many other large personalities on the roster that could have overshadowed Alexa.  Luckily, Bliss is a fantastic talent and was able to create a great character that stood out from everyone. She was also able to become one of the best workers in the company and would consistently put on great matches.

So, why did WWE stick her with a terrible gimmick and continue to keep her off television? (She has only just returned on WWE RAW on May 9th).

It was an insult to her and all the hard work she put in. Bliss needs a change of scenery and drafting her to any roster would help. AEW or Impact would be great options. Both need to add some depth to their Women’s division and Bliss would help with this. She can create some fresh matchups and it would be great to see what she could create with the women of AEW or Impact. With the unique relationships AEW have, she could run riot on all of the companies and solidify herself as the Best Women’s Wrestler on the planet.

Cesaro Making A Huge ImpactWorld Wide Wrestling Draft

Oh, what could have been. The stop/start of Cesaro’s push in WWE was one of the most frustrating booking decisions. The Swiss Superman was one of the best athletes on the roster. His athleticism in the ring was awe-inspiring and all but guaranteed Cesaro’s ability to have a great match. He was also consistently over with the crowd. The pops he got should have assured an ascent to the top of the card but WWE dropped the ball as usual…

A Free Agent in this draft, so who should be drafting the Swiss Superman? Many would go the AEW route, but this would be a mistake. All Elite Wrestling has a logjam atop their main event scene. So many great wrestlers could vie for the world championship it could be easy for Cesaro to get lost in the shuffle, thus creating the same WWE problem.

Drafting him to Impact would give Cesaro the perfect avenue to ply his craft. He would immediately be pushed to the top of the card and given the world title push that he so sorely deserves.

Asuka Conquers Japan – Again.

Remember, this is the World Wide Wrestling Draft so it’s Worldwide. The Empress of Tomorrow nearly broke through the WWE glass ceiling. When she was in NXT she was a force to be reckoned with. She went nearly undefeated and was pushed to the moon. Then she was brought to the main roster and it all fell apart. After winning the Royal Rumble she seemed destined for the Women’s Championship before Charlotte Flair made her tap out at Wrestlemania. This ruined her aura and her future in WWE. Since then she has won titles but she will never reclaim her former glory…

It is time that Asuka goes somewhere she is more appreciated. Heading to Stardom would be a fantastic idea for her. The stiffer style in the Orient would suit her work rate better and she would be able to re-establish herself. It would also be a great story to tell, having her come back from North America and get herself to the top once again.

MJF As WWE’s Top Heel

If you want to talk about #1 Draft Picks, how do you look past the raw talent of MJF? Maxwell Jacob Friedman has developed himself into a top-flight heel. Since debuting in AEW he has been one of the best they have. His ability to get heat from the crowd is astounding and it shows how good he is on the mic and at ring psychology. On top of that, MJF is one of the better workers in the company. He works the old-school heel style perfectly and it helps to match up against babyfaces.

As good as AEW has been at booking MJF, he would benefit for working with WWE. As much as WWE ruins faces, the company usually has strong heels. These personas are the ones that run programs and their success of them can hinge on the heelwork. This would help to skyrocket MJF to the top of the company. He could come in and instantly work with the company’s top faces.

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