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Wrestling: Famous Divorces From Famous Wrestlers

Being a famous wrestler includes challenges and a lack of time for personal life. Being most of the time involved in training and fighting, wrestlers often pay little attention to their soulmates, ruining the relationships. In addition, fame also spoils the person, including wrestlers who go down to cheating, home abuse, sexual harassment, and more. Let’s look at what happened before the famous wrestlers ended up asking for divorce papers online or filing for divorces in person.

1. Ric Flair and Jacqueline Beems

Jackie Beems, Ric Flair's Ex Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

Where better to start? The 16 Time (WOO!) World Heavyweight Champion has a spectacular marriage-divorce story. He’s 0-4 in Divorces, as he started his 5th in 2018. Each marriage has ended with quite mayhem. The marital pattern was similar and last shorter every time. Ric fell in love to the moon and back, had a couple of years of bright relationships in marriage, and left it all because he met someone new.

The same happens to his latest divorce, Jacquline Beems. Jacquline claims he was in numerous romantic relationships simultaneously, so she demanded to end it all up. As Flair’s previous wives, Beems managed to grab quite a chunk of his possessions, leaving him almost bankrupt. Again.

2.   Stone Cold and Debra Marshall

Stone Cold Steve Austin's Wife Had a Gag Order from Talking About Him  Abusing Her

Stone Cold is famous not only for his ring performance but unhappy marriage stories as well. He has been married three times, and every occasion is finalized with misfortune.

Stone met his first love Kathryn in high school long before becoming famous. Their marriage lasts only until Cold cheated on her with his soon-to-be second wife. It turned out to be another famous WWE icon, Lady Blossom. Still, Blossom didn’t get to be very lucky since soon Stone cheated on her as well. The following person of his affection was Debra Marshall, Former WWE Women’s Champion. Yet, their marriage was far from cloudless, and they got divorced eventually. Afterwards, Debra has reported numerous cases of (Alleged) Domestic violence she suffered from Austin.

Additionally, she claimed that WWE made her keep the dirty marriage details secret so that she couldn’t spill it earlier. All in all, Ol’ Stone Cold has lost quite a fortune over his divorce proceedings. No wonder he’s still doing Broken Skull Sessions…

3. Kevin Sullivan and Nancy Daus

10 Things We Learned About Chris Benoit Tragedy From Kevin Sullivan On Jim  Cornette's Podcast

Nancy Daus endured a pure nightmare in her marriage life that ended up in fatality. Kevin Sullivan was her second husband. She managed the famous wrestler and was always by his side. But what was inside the marital home was far from the story of loyalty and love. As she was called ‘Devil Angel,’ she went through the constant actions of domestic violence and harassment on the part of Kevin Sullivan. The latter got a divorce, with Nancy winning the good part in the proceeding.

4. John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau

John Cena’s first wife turned their divorce proceeding into such a nightmare that the wrestler promised not to get married ever again. But the story turned out to be completely different.

Kenya Crazy Media on Twitter: "#Elizabeth #Huberdeau #Wiki: #Facts To #Know  About #John Cena's Ex #Wife - https://t.co/VHIRc2GCoD - #Cenas… "

John Cena met Elizabeth Huberdeau in high school and married her, but their relationships didn’t last long. After three years together, Cena filed for divorce just out of the blue. Elizabeth was so devastated that she accused John of having an affair with multiple other Wrestlers (Divas) for years and caused nightmare proceedings for Cena. It wore John out so much that he claimed no wish to get married ever again… Until Nikki Bella showed up.

5. Hulk Hogan and Linda Claridge

The Real Reason Hulk And Linda Hogan Got Divorced

Hulk Hogan was destroyed by Linda Claridge in their divorce. The top famous wrestler has paid off to his ex-wife an unfair share of 75% of their common assets. Hulk and Linda went side by side for many years. But it all ended up when Linda caught Hogan cheating on her with a model during one of his shows being shot. Many fans sincerely pitied Hulk after Claridge took away three expensive cars and around $7.5 million from their family assets.

The stories of famous wrestlers’ divorces prove that even strong and famous people can turn out to be weak in family life. Be careful in your relationships, and don’t hesitate to use online divorce services if you feel your marriage suffocating you. Be strong and don’t follow the wrestler’s mistakes.


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