Wrestling: 5 Jonah Rock / Bronson Reed Matches That Would Be Colossal!

What with the colossal release of Bronson Reed this week, alongside other immensely talented superstars, it has me questioning… What’s next for Bronson Reed? Well, here’s 5 matches from both AEW and Impact that I (and I’m sure others too) would love to see!

Wardlow by kjc9578 on DeviantArt


Wardlow vs Reed. Two absolute powerhouses colliding into each other like Mack trucks? Sign me up! Wardlow has improved so much and to see him vs someone with the calibre of reed would be a fantastic test for him and treat for all. Wardlow has been with MJF since the beginning, and has often done his bidding whilst fighting/wrestling the likes of Chris Jericho & Jake Hager but has lost some momentum.

I feel like Wardlow needs that one big match/opponent to push him to that next level. Could this be the match?

Josh Alexander – IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Alexander

Since the lofty times of 2005, Josh Alexander has been tearing it up on the independents, wrestling for companies such as ROH and AAW Wrestling. Forming a tag team with Ethan page under the name Monster Mafia. Clearly, Impact noticed them and bought them in. And in 2019 they debuted under the name The North wining the impact tag team titles twice before disbanding in 2021.

The current reigning and defending X division champion in Impact Wrestling, Josh Alexander is a hell of an athlete, super intense and his skills as a performer and wrestler are unmatched on that roster, just go back and watch any of the matches he had whilst in the frankly underrated tag team The North, so with that being said id pay the full ticket price to see a match between these two.

I truly believe they would elevate each other to new heights, thanks to some form of ridiculous slam no doubt.

Sami Callihan by kjc9578 on DeviantArt

Sami Callihan

The self-proclaimed draw made his debut with Impact back in 2017 after a stint with MLW joining forces with Ohio Versus Everything. Since then, He has achieved a plethora of different things. One of these being the Impact world title and 2 matches of the year candidates one vs Pentagon jr and the other against Tessa Blanchard.

The way I describe Callihan is a charming swarm of Bees. He just has it, everything you’d want as a wrestling promoter. His commitment to everything he does is just so refreshing, and this shows every time he takes over that ring. So again, tell me why this isn’t a match you’d like to see?

Eddie kingston by wrestlerPNGs on DeviantArt

Eddie Kingston

If you aren’t aware of Eddie Kingston as yet then I pity you. A hugely underrated talent and maybe one of the best on the mic today. (let’s hope he beats that dastardly Omega in the future for the title)

Where hasn’t this man wrestled? He made his in-ring debut back in 2002 for Chikara and was there until 2016. Although along the way he also wrestled for such companies as Combat Zone Wrestling, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor, Impact wrestling and finally the National Wrestling Alliance before making his way over to AEW.

So, someone with that experience could do some amazing stuff with Reed and bring out a side of him we might not have seen before? Who knows, but maybe down the line it just might happen. And last but not least…

“Gods Favourite Champion, The Redeemer” Miro

Bronson Reed Calls Out AEW TNT Champion Miro | WrestleTalk

After a long, some might argue topsy turvy stint in the WWE Miro is finally allowed to shine in AEW seemingly becoming an unstoppable force.

Signing with WWE in 2010 Miro had what I like to call a tumultuous relationship with the company. From wrestling John Cena and coming out in a tank of all things to Rusev Day which I still hear ringing in my head to this day thanks to Aiden English. To the lows of a contrived love triangle with Bobby Lashley, it was no surprise to me when he left as he was clearly destined for bigger things. He made his debut with AEW in 2020 teaming with Kip Sabian before turning his attention to the AEW TNT title. As I mentioned since then he looks unstoppable, could Bronson Reed be the one to dethrone the mighty Miro? I’d like to see that. I don’t think we got enough chance to see reed with a title, I was enjoying his stint with the North American title until inexplicably losing it to Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. So, Miro vs Reed to me sounds like a perfect recipe for a great match pie!

So essentially the world is Reed’s oyster. And I’m excited to see what he does next and which door he finds himself wandering through.

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