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Wrestling: Has Wrestling Dropped the Ball without eSports?

Gaming is bigger than it has ever been before, success on different platforms like mobile with a changing audience leading to the growth of different genres and different gaming options such as the options found at NJ-Licensed-Casinos.com grow as online gambling surges as one of the most popular gaming genres, others have also emerged thanks to the success found in markets like esports. Some options that had been on the smaller side have found recent success rooted in more traditional sports options as names like FIFA and NBA continue to grow, and is something that wrestling could have been a part of – but what did wrestling do to drop the ball?

A historic lack of solid titles – When looking at the history of wrestling games, there’s often a bit of an imbalance between good games and bad games in the wrestling genre, and often very heavily weighted on negative experiences particularly with recent games with the latest in recent memory to receive praise coming all the way back in 2010. Whilst the gaming audience for these types of games may naturally be a bit smaller, missing out on the opportunity to really capitalise on the dedicated audience has hurt in the long run, and may be a missed opportunity by itself. esports

Recycled features and lack of innovation – Whilst some sports games have shown that it’s possible to build a very strong game without really changing all that much, there is at least a little bit of innovation and change to provide a newer game experience – but also something that wrestling games have been notoriously bad for as the majority of features are simply recycled from one game to another and little is done to improve the experience.

The lack of strong online play – More specifically aimed at more recent titles, but online play has become the bread and honey for gaming in general and delivering on a positive online experience is worth its weight in gold – this is somewhere that wrestling games have really struggled with, as online play remains a big heel for most. Online play often amplifies the bugs in the games and makes them downright unplayable and leads to wrestling missing out on perhaps the biggest core feature that modern players look out for, and something that in some strange way has only got worse over time as networking and online play across the board has improved for other games. esports

There may be an opportunity to improve in the future but with the loss of talent outside of the game and recent changes between developers for some previous wrestling titles, it’s looking like more of the same issues may rear their head once more and lead to some poor wrestling games in the future.

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