Wrestling News Round-Up: 13th February 2014

Lita to Hall of Fame, Kurt angle injury update, Rey Mysterio injured, WWE Network launch note, SummerSlam news, Jeff Hardy return update and more. We aim to bring you the most reliable wrestling news from around the web.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here’s what’s been hitting the headlines in the world of professional wrestling this week:



In some news about Kurt Angle following rumours he tore his ACL in the UK, it was discovered that he has no ACL, and in fact, hasn’t had one in several years, but has been working on it. It’s unusual, but not impossible. Chris Jericho worked since 2008 with no ACL and it didn’t even hinder him. It actually partially grew back. Frank Shamrock fought the last several years of his career with no ACL. Dan Marino played several seasons without an ACL as well.


The company jumped their TV by announcing Jeff Hardy’s return for the Lockdown PPV on 11th February, even though the TV surprise angle that brings him back doesn’t air until 6th March. Given that he could sell some tickets being on the show, it’s probably the best thing. If they were masters at storytelling and you’re compromising stories it’s one thing, but nobody buys any of their stories so if you compromise them, you’re really compromising nothing. Jeff Hardy was written off of TNA storylines because he could not get into the UK due to his criminal record.

kid tna

A story that broke here in the U.K. where a mother was angry that her 12-year-old son was put in detention when he showed up for school with the TNA logo shaved into the side of his head after he had gone to the show last week at Wembley Arena in London. Eventually the entire side of his head was shaved so the logo was no longer visible. The school said they have a dress code which bans extreme hairstyles. Dixie Carter brought it up on twitter, linked to the story, and sent him some TNA merchandise.



Monday Night RAW for 24th February is looking loaded. The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan will both make their returns to WWE that night, which is also the launch night of the WWE Network. While on TV and in all publicity they keep pushing that the network will start at 11:05 p.m, when Raw goes off the air, this is actually the launch for their live programming section of the network which launches with the RAW post show. The archival side of the WWE Network actually launches that morning at 9am.


On the injury front, as it turned out, Naomi has a fractured orbital bone and may need surgery. After she went home, the eye swelled up and got very painful, enough to where she went to the hospital in Tampa and got a CAT scan, which showed a minimally displaced fracture of the orbital bone on the inside part of the eye socket. She’ll be checked out again this week to see if she will need surgery. Because of that, there is no estimate yet on how long she’ll be out of action. It was noted that her timing could be the best or worst, but if she doesn’t need surgery, there is a silver lining. The idea that she just gets married and was on her push for a title shot and then got hurt can be a major storyline of “Total Divas,” and make her more of a focus of that show. If she can come back and challenge at Mania, the story is much bigger. If she does need surgery and misses Mania, they can make that part of the story, but either way, it’s more focus on her for when she returns.


WWE and 20th Century Fox studios announced two new movies. The first, “Jingle All The Way 2,” a sequel aimed as a direct-to-home-video release will start production next month. Larry the Cable Guy will be the star and Santino Marella will have a featured role.

The other, “The Marine 4,” coming off the success on the video market of “The Marine 3,” will bring back Mike “Miz” Mizanin in the lead role. Summer Rae will be cast into a key role. It’s also a straight-to-video release.

SummerSlam is official for 17th August at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the 6th year in a row. It was announced at the 10th February Raw show that tickets for SummerSlam would go on sale on 15th March.


Mark Crozer, who wrote and performed the Wyatt Family theme, will be playing live at WrestleMania for Wyatt’s ring entrance for his match on the show against Cena. Crozer posted this on Facebook, but then took it down hours later.

Lita (Amy Dumas, 38), was announced as the third person in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. She was working in some bands and taking judo and then got interested in pro wrestling watching Nitro. She found out she could learn in Mexico so went there in 1998, where she’d work at clubs while learning to wrestle and stared with EMLL (now CMLL). She met the Hardys at Carolina indie shows, and in 1999 was introduced to Paul Heyman, who hired her. Her role was to play a skank, who would use the name Miss Congeniality, which was a spoof on beauty contest contestants because she was made up like a crack whore. She wasn’t wrestling at the time, just being there as Danny Doring’s girlfriend.

At the same time, she started training at Dory Funk Jr.’s school in Ocala, FL. The Funks recommended her to Jim Ross, and she was signed in late 1999. She was working in the Memphis developmental territory, before first being brought up as part of an act of Essa Rios (a high flying Mexican wrestler who is now Mr. Aguila in CMLL) & Lita. That act was really going nowhere, and WWF lost interest in pushing Rios. They split them up and put her with the Hardys and Team Extreme. She wasn’t really a good worker, but she could do moonsaults and hurricanranas, so people thought she was. On August 21, 2000, she and Stephanie McMahon main evented an episode of Raw, and drew a big quarter hour as Lita won the Women’s title with The Rock as referee. She later feuded with Dean Malenko and she became linked in both storyline and real life with Matt Hardy. She suffered a broken neck while working on a fight scene for a TV show called “Dark Angel” in 2002, needed surgery and was out a year-and-a-half.

She did a number of angles including being pregnant and marrying Kane, and then losing the baby due to Snitsky. Eventually in real life, when she was living with Hardy, Hardy found out she had a private cell phone and she was sneaking around with Adam Copeland (Edge), who was one of Hardy’s best friends. Hardy and Lita broke up for real. Hardy got so mad, but Edge was the bigger star, and Hardy wound up being fired. Hardy made so much noise about it that Jim Ross got them to agree to work together as professionals and do a feud. This led to Edge & Lita being put together and really that was the period where Edge grew to being a main event heel in 2006. Shortly after her rival Trish Stratus retired, she decided not to sign a new contract and finished up in November, 2006. She formed a punk rock band called the Luchagors and has made a few TV appearances from time-to-time on WWE shows.


Rey Mysterio has been injured during Tuesday Night’s SmackDown tapings. Despite wearing a knee brace, Mysterio is said to have hurt his left knee after a bad landing outside the ring in a Fatal 4 Way match between Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger.


Triple H announced this week that the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will air live in its entirety on the WWE Network. Great news for fans who can’t attend live and only ever get the heavily edited one hour version.


The decision to put Over The Edge 1999 on the WWE Network was only made in the last couple of weeks. It’s been said that any references to the death of Owen Hart and the Blue Blazer promo before the incident where he died will be edited out of the broadcast.


The WWE leavers list seems to be growing as Former World Heavyweight Champion Christian may not re-sign with WWE once his current contract expires. A new report claims that the general feeling backstage in regards to Christian is that he will be leaving once his current run is over.

Many believe that “Captain Charisma” will not re-sign with WWE, as he is now 40 years old and a father. Christian has also left the company before when he felt like WWE Creative had nothing for him. That feeling has returned, and it is general knowledge backstage that he is just buying his time until he’s fulfilled all of the date requirements left on his current deal.

His most recent return came on a recent episode of Smackdown. The current “gimmick” for Christian is of someone that’s not good looking, but is a hard worker. In a recent on-air interview, Christian poked fun at stories of Vince McMahon thinking that he is extremely ugly. He acknowledged his black eye and ribbed himself saying that he may not have the “face” of the WWE, but his mom seems to think that he does.


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