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Wrestling Profiles: Abyss/Joesph Parks – Monster to Producer

Abyss made his wrestling debut, as a character, for TNA in June 2003 and would remain with the company until signing with WWE as a backstage producer in January 2019.

When Abyss first appeared in TNA he was portrayed as a Monster and used as a bodyguard by Kid Kash who would go on to betray him, after which he would then align himself with Don Callis until 2005 when he would get a new manager, Goldy Locks. His relationship with Goldy Locks was extremely beneficial for her; using him to defeat her ex-boyfriend and anyone who crossed her, but like a true monster Abyss can’t be controlled and turned on Goldy Locks.

His most fruitful, interesting, and well-developed alliance and storyline were with manager James Mitchell, between 2005 and 2008.  He would feud with Sabu and then move on to joining up with Planet Jarrett in order for Abyss to go after Rhino.  Once Rhino was disposed of the team of Abyss and Mitchell decided to set their sights on NWA World Champion, Christen Cage. Abyss would attack Cage and begin stalking his wife for several weeks to get inside the head of the champion; he would untimely come up short against Cage.  He would also feud with Raven and Samoa Joe before going after the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Sting who he would defeat, via disqualification, at Genesis for the title.  This was the first time someone would try and turn Abyss against James Mitchell, Sting tried to reason with the man as opposed to the monster he had become, but Christen Cage would become embroiled in the feud confessing he knew something from Abyss’s past. Abyss would lose the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, being eliminated first and then attacking Sting, resulting in Christen Cage capturing the belt.

It was during this time that we began exploring the back-story and mythology around the character of Abyss, who seemed to display a very, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type of personality, Abyss being the uncontrollable monster with the man underneath, Chris, being a kind and soft soul.  This is seen when Sting reveals that Abyss had been in prison for shooting his father in the back three times, sending him into a coma which he survived. As it would later turn out that wasn’t the case at all after Mitchell showed up with women who Abyss recognised it was revealed that the truth was this woman was the mother of Abyss and that she was the one who had actually shot Abyss’s father, but Abyss took the blame to protect his mother.  This one act of kindness was also the thing that would turn a young Chris into the monster we see before us.  James Mitchell uses this information to control Abyss until enough is enough, turning face as he turns his back on Mitchell.

Even after this, more information would come out about Abyss, after splitting with James Mitchell we would hear Abyss speak for the first time. But Mitchell was never that far from Abyss reappearing and beginning to mess with him enlisting the help of Raven, Black Reign, and Rellik until, after many months, another truth is revealed, after some blackmail and attempted murder by fire from James Mitchell and a returning Judus Mesias, adding even more layers to the story of Abyss. Mitchell reveals that he is in fact the farther of Abyss and that Mesias is his half brother.  Soon after Abyss would remove his mask and the next thing we hear is that he is locked up in an asylum. He would return at Slammiversary wearing a white asylum uniform with his inmate number and his last name ‘Park’ on the back and a new grey and black mask.

His speciality matches include hardcore matches such as a First Blood Steel Chair on a Pole match, Ladder match, Serengeti Survival match, Full Metal Mayhem match, A Barbed Wire Massacre match, Hangman’s Horror match, Shop of Horrors match, a Match of 10,000 Tacks, a Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match, and took part in the first Monster’s Ball match.

We can’t cover the whole of Abyss’s fifteen-year career here but from exploring the origins of the character we can see, he can be a good guy and a bad guy but his story, appearance, and personality are heavily influenced by great literary horror of the Victorian era, from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to  Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Jekyll Hyde, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This creates a compelling and thought-provoking character that isn’t all just visual but makes the audience think and sympathise with a supposed monster.

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