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Wrestling Resurgence – Angry Dancing Review

Victoria Burchett reviews Resurgence’s latest show, ‘Angry Dancing’.

Wrestling Resurgence has been quietly going about its business as of late and appeared as one of the country’s brightest new promotions.

With a mix of unique matches, varied performers and solid storytelling, Resurgence is getting rave reviews across the board. This was my first venture up to Resurgence, so I was wondering whether it was worth all the hype.

Gabriel Kidd vs Sadie Gibbs

First match of the night was Sadie Gibbs vs Gabriel Kidd. Kidd was very adamant that Resurgence was his company and that he owns the wrestling scene in the Midlands. Therefore he wanted a challenge. Sadie Gibbs? Pffft. Sadie Gibbs was no match for the great Gabriel Kidd, it’s not like she’s recently been signed to a major wrestling promot- oh.

Wait. Never mind. Anyway, someone else from the back did decide to answer Gabriel Kidd – Kanji, the fan-favourite in Resurgence – and the match was made a triple threat.

Gabriel Kidd vs Kanji vs Sadie Gibbs

Kidd was very clearly the heel in this match despite being a local-ish lad, but the crowd were very much in support of Kanji and Sadie. Sadie hit two Sasuke Specials during the match which is a fantastic move if you haven’t ever seen her wrestle. Kidd at one point asked the crowd “who’s ever watched Matilda?”, while grabbing Kanji by the hair. He then yelled “CALL ME MR TRUNCHBULL” as he picked Kanji up by her hair and swung her round.

The match went on for a good few minutes after this and respect to Kanji because her scalp must’ve hurt like heck. Kanji got a surprise roll-up over Kidd while Sadie was down on the outside. Gabriel Kidd was visibly frustrated and went to take it out on the crowd but a baby in the second row startled him and he ran backstage looking suitably terrified. A good start to the show. 

‘Big Wavy’ Roy Johnson vs Mike Bird

I think I’m a bit old for the cool kids now because apparently happy slapping is still a thing in this world and I have no idea what that is. Mike Bird gained a lot of momentum early on and got a little bit cocky. The moral of this match, and life, is “never touch another guy’s phone”. Johnson got angry and made a slight comeback. It was fairly back and forth between the two for the remaining duration of the match but Johnson got the victory after Bird missed a high risk manoeuvre from the top rope. 

Escaping The Midcard (TK Cooper & Chuck Mambo) vs Aussie Open

Resurgence are currently running a tag team tournament to crown inaugural tag team champions. The first quarter final was Escaping the Midcard (TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo) vs Aussie Open. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, this match was fantastic. Aussie Open became the natural heels in this match and tried to commit many a murder against the lovable lads of ETM. It was a very hard hitting, excellent match. ETM got the victory via pinfall after the “Chuck You” with the addition of TK’s stomp from the top-rope, in a move I would like to christen the “Chuck You Right Back”. They advance to the semi finals of the tournament. 

Artcore Match – Cara Noir vs Zoe Lucas vs Chris Brookes vs Jayde vs Spike Trivet

Cara Noir, Zoe Lucas, Chris Brookes, Jayde and Spike Trivet all competed for a title shot later on in the evening in Artcore 2 – Electric Boogaloo. (I am unable to confirm nor deny whether this was the official match title). Zoe Lucas and Chris Brookes made their Resurgence debuts here. There were canvases and art supplies set up in the ring, except for one canvas. Spike, being Spike, demanded someone bring him his canvas. “Bring it to me! DOTH THOUST NOT THINK I ART?” Spike Trivet as a wrestler is a detestable human being and we all hate him, so he does his job very well. On the microphone however, Spike Trivet is a GOD and we must all bow before him. 

Some nice peaceful art was occurring in the ring with everyone drawing lovely pictures but Cara Noir and Spike Trivet have previous history at Resurgence prior to this show and ohhh boy did it show in this match. Spike threw a crayon at Cara, Cara took great exception to this and launched his own easel out the ring in a fit of rage and the match truly started. Crayons were thrown everywhere, bananas became the new hardcore weapons in wrestling and many a canvas got smashed over other wrestler’s heads. Cara and Spike went to continue their fight in the ring but Chris Brookes was not impressed at all. “EXCUSE ME! I CAME HERE TO DO SOME SERIOUS ART!”

Then someone smashed his canvas over his head and back to the carnage we went. It was quite difficult to keep up with everything to be honest. Things I do know – Jayde hit a Canadian Destroyer, Spike Trivet drove Zoe Lucas through a table (she got taken out to the back by the ref and a crew member immediately and didn’t re-enter the match) and Cara Noir was going for the pin but Spike Trivet threw him off and out the ring and took the pin himself. With that, the main event was made – Gene Munny vs Spike Trivet, for the Resurgence championship. 

Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos) vs The Hunter Brothers

The second quarter final match of the tag team title tournament pitted the Anti-Fun Police vs the Hunter Brothers. Previous to this show, the Hunters managed to obstruct the streak of the Henchmen who were unbeaten up to that point in Resurgence. This got them a fair bit of heat, especially as they used nefarious tactics to gain that victory. 

The Hunters used these same means to gain the victory in this match. After a solid back and forth between the teams, the Hunters distracted the ref and got the ill-gotten pinfall. There haven’t been any other teams announced for this tournament so far but I for one am looking forward to see where they go next with it – a rematch with the Henchmen in the semis perhaps?

Candy Floss vs Chakara

The penultimate match of this show was Candy Floss vs Chakara – these two have bad blood with one another. They faced off back at Spandex Ballet where they were tied at 15 wins a-piece going into it and Chakara won. At the end of a match at This Is Spinal Graps, Candy was on a four match losing streak and she finally snapped and attacked Chakara with a candy cane post match, turning heel in the process. 

Here at Angry Dancing, this was set to be the match that would allow Chakara to get her revenge but alas, that was not to be. This was really hard hitting. Both women got their shots in and Candy even tried playing some mind games mid-match. “Chakara, please, we used to be best friends!”

Sneaky tactics.

Candy Floss made a quick escape after getting the submission victory leaving Chakara in the ring, who then defiantly grabbed a mic and yelled “this isn’t over!”. 

Where will they take this feud next? 

Before the main event, Jack Sexsmith came out to the ring to relinquish his Resurgence championship due to injury. Two weeks ago at Defiant during a match, Sexsmith tore his ACL in his knee. He’s awaiting the results of his MRI scan but if he needs surgery, he could be out anywhere from five to 18 months. Jack had been doing “whatever it takes” to keep his hands on that title and though he wasn’t always the nicest, you could tell that the man behind the wrestler was gutted to be giving up his title. As were the crowd. 

Resurgence Championship – Gene Munny vs Spike Trivet

Once again, Spike Trivet proved that as a wrestler, he is a detestable human being and we all hate him, so he does his job very well. Once again, on the microphone however, Spike Trivet is a GOD and we must all bow before him. 

Spike often claims that Resurgence is his company, so it seems like he and Gabriel Kidd have a territory battle on their hands. They could take it to court, but I have a feeling it may get settled in the ring one day. 

Towards the closing stages, it looked like Spike was going to steal the win after a ref bump meant he could use the title against Gene. However, just as Spike goes for the pin, the lights go out. When they are turned back on, Cara Noir was stood in the ring. He did nothing but stare Spike down, which was enough for Gene to make a comeback and hit the Ainsley Lariat. Spike hit the mat, the ref counted 1, 2, 3 and your new Resurgence champion is Gene Munny – the sexual gammon.

Jack Sexsmith returns to the ring to present Gene with his new championship. 

Coming out of the show, it looks like Spike Trivet and Cara Noir still have unfinished business at Resurgence – when might we see them next do battle? Will we see Chris Brookes in a Resurgence ring again? If so, will he wear those glasses again? (We all pray that the answer is yes). Which other teams are in the tournament? Will Sanitarium make an appearance? All these and other questions will be answered in the fullness of time. All we can say for definite is that Resurgence continue to have great storyline-driven shows and are establishing themselves as THE East Midlands wrestling show to go to. 

If you, like we do at TWM News, want to go to their next show, which is entitled Arthouse Volume 3 (Iron women) then you can get your tickets by following this link – .

Already announced is the headline match of Charli Evans vs Kanji in a 30-minute Iron Woman match. If either of their previous matches are anything to go by, then you should not miss this match – they’ve been in titanic tussles so far and surely the winner of this match deserves some sort of title-based reward. I would happily see either of them have a match for the Resurgence championship, as both are incredibly talented competitors.

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