Wrestling Resurgence Everything Patterned Preview

Peter Barnes previews Roy Johnson’s curated show for Wrestling Resurgence celebrating black professional wrestling, Everything Patterned.

This show is a bit different from the usual Resurgence fare, and in fact the usual team of Claire, John and Sam are less involved. Curating this show instead is Roy Johnson.

The idea behind this show is close to his heart and has been something he’s wanted to do for a while. As part of Black History Month, the show will only contain BAME wrestlers. 

As Big Wavy himself puts it:

‘For me it is more than just a British Wrestling show, it’s a celebration of talent and will be the beginning of a positive change for British Wrestling. I’ve curated it to feature some of the best wrestlers Britain has to offer, in never before seen matches, with the ultimate goal to make British, Independent wrestling more accessible and inclusive for all.’

The show, emanating from Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester on October 12th at 6pm, will feature no fewer than seven matches on what looks to be a bumper card. There’s a shed-load of debuts, and there’s a tag-team who I’ve wanted to see since the days of watching them on VOD channels of other promotions. 

So let’s look at these matches individually (I have put them in no particular order) but each one promises to be a showcase of the various talent involved. 

Levi Muir vs Big T vs Alex Cupid vs Buffalo Soldier vs Keanu

In what will become a recurring theme during this article, I’ve not seen a lot of many participants in this match. However, Big T impressed last time out, even if he was the natural target of his competitors and therefore his threat was nullified. It’s likely that something similar may happen again and with Buffalo Soldier’s agility, he could use his speed to great effect and nip in for a win when things get unstructured and fatigue sets in.

I’m intrigued by Roy’s training partner Levi – he may get the win, as could any of the others, that’s how matches work. In all seriousness, Big T is the big threat but if everyone works against him then I could see Alex Cupid or Keanu winning. All in all, it’s a bit of a pick’em so I’m going to guess at Buffalo Soldier to come up good. 

The Hitset vs Lion Kings

So, I mentioned that recurring theme… here it is again – I’ve not seen either of these teams before so my knowledge is limited. I’m excited to see the Lion Kings, and if i don’t hear Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba (Circle of Life) just before they come to the ring, then you can colour me disappointed. 

Speaking of disappointed, one member of the Hitset wasn’t chuffed that I picked their competitors as someone I was excited to see and not them. Could this have lit a fire beneath them to spur them on to a win? It’s doubtful that I would have such influence but you never know what affects a wrestler pre-match. 

My pick is the Lion Kings, now Hit Set (if you’re reading this) go and prove me wrong. 

British Rounds Match – Roy Johnson vs The O.J.M.O

Yay, a match in which I know both competitors! This time, it’s a match type that is unknown to me. All I know is that the British Rounds Match is a throwback to a bygone era and obviously isn’t a continuous match – instead it is separated into rounds, like boxing is. 

I know OJMO has experience in this style having taken on Resurgence roster member Cara Noir and that he found the experience very physically demanding. To my knowledge, Roy has never taken on this type of match before so it will be interesting to see how he fares. 

Roy has curated this show and recently made an appearance at a TV tapings, so probably has a lot on his mind. Conversely, OJMO has been on a tear recently and only lost in the NPS tournament at PROGRESS due to outside interference. He’s my pick here and I’m sure the master of the half crab will show why he has that moniker. 

Chakara vs Man like Dereiss 

Ok, here we go. On solid ground now, with two people I have seen in a standard singles contest, where the Golden Goddess goes on to take half of the 0121. 

Chakara has been on fairly solid form since her feud with Candy Floss, including her stepping in for Candy at the last show and picking up the win against Connor Mills. 

On the other side, Man like DeReiss was unsuccessful last time out as he lost in dubious circumstances against Jayde. He needs to regain momentum in Resurgence, but it may be tricky against the ‘Landan’ native. My money is on the Golden Goddess to build on her recent successes and work towards winning an eventual rematch against Candy Floss. 

Rhio vs Mercedes Blaze

My only knowledge of Rhio is that she was unfortunate Battle Royale fodder to Jazzy Gabert at NXT UK – she must be a wrestler of good repute for them to be interested in using her talents. 

Mercedes Blaze is someone who is completely new to me and there’s not a lot I can say about her, although a web-search suggests she has been involved at PW Clash, EVE and NXT UK – also losing in a match involving Jazzy Gabert. 

I will be interested to see who the crowd gets behind and whether this will stay as a clean contest or if either woman may use shortcuts to see if they can pick up an easier win. 

Darius Lockhart and Sugar Dunkerton vs Bhangra Knights

I am superbly excited that RJ Singh and Darrell Allen are getting to wrestle together as Bhangra Knights once more. I remember watching them on early Progress chapters around the same time Jimmy Havoc was champion; to get to see them live will be a brilliant experience and no doubt I will be mystified by the technical skills of Darrell. 

Darius comes along with a huge amount of reputation and knowing he was trained along with Aerial Monroe and Tessa Blanchard only helps solidify the notion that he’ll be ‘a bit good’. For him to be teaming with Sugar makes a lot of sense. Dunkerton has wrestled extensively in the UK scene and has been in Resurgence previously in a four-way against Visage, Chuck Mambo and Resurgence Champion Gene Munny. 

As much as the Americans of Sugar and Darius are a brilliant team, i have a lot of faith in the Bhangra Knights. I fully expect Darrell to tie his opponents in knots and RJ to bring back his Tiger Feint Kick. Through a combination of these or different means, Bhangra Knights will pick up the win here. 

Warren Banks vs Omari

Having had a bit of a quiet year, I’m hoping for big things from Omari against Waren Banks here. Omari won the Infinity tournament at Fight Club Pro and has had several titanic tussles with Keith Lee, which all show his awesome talent. 

Warren, on the other hand, is an unknown to me, so as such I cannot comment too much on what to expect. However, I know that he will have to deal out a lot of punishment to Omari if he wants to get the win as the former Infinity winner has high levels of tenacity. I think that tenacity will be enough for Omari to pick up the win here. 

I’m hugely looking forward to the show and cannot wait to be acquainted with many performers whom I have not seen up to this point. I also chatted with Deviki, one of the two referees for Resurgence and got her thoughts.

‘I think the concept of Everything Patterned is awesome! Diversity is an important concept and Resurgence has always done their best to make sure their shows reflect just that – this is just another amazing example of doing so.

‘I can’t wait to referee some of this card to see the action up close and be a part of such a special show! It’s so cool because I am of ethnic minority myself and one of very few UK female referees, so for me, I totally get the concept behind this!

‘From a personal standpoint, I love working with Resurgence and I know in the future perhaps different strands of diversity is something we may see more of – you know I’d absolutely love to see an all-women’s show, it could be off the charts. We have the best women’s wrestlers on Resurgence and they always showcase diversity in different aspects.

‘As on the upcoming card for Oct 12 we have already seen the likes of Chakara, Man like DeReiss and Roy Johnson – so to have a show dedicated to Black History month really elevates these performers in my opinion! It’s just so different and diverse, we tend to see a lot of shows which showcase wrestlers from around the world and all-women’s shows are becoming increasingly popular. However I think with this one Resurgence have really created something special – using the medium of professional wrestling to highlight diversity in British culture through a show like Everything Patterned.’

If this has piqued your interest at all, tickets are available here, but move fast as there’s not many left.

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