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Wrestling: Shannon Claire Spruill ‘Daffney Unger’ Dead at 46

The wrestling world has said goodbye to Shannon Spruill, better known as Daffney, today in very sad circumstances.

Daffney, a former WCW and Impact Wrestling Star, was last in the ring for an independent show for Power Wrestling Federation, and her last major appearance was Impact #335 in a losing effort against The Beautiful People.

On the morning of September 2nd 2021, Daffney was live on Instagram in what viewers have said to be a “distressing manner” which caused social media (specifically Twitter) to try and reach out to the star, which including WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and WCW/TNA Alumni April Hunter doing their best to try and find out what had happened. Many other wrestlers, colleagues, and friends of Daffney tweeted out to try and get any attention to the situation too.

Unfortunately, whatever happened after her Instagram Live video has happened, and another of her former employers Shimmer, sadly confirmed that Daffney has passed away.

She was 46.

We here at The Wrestling Movement, send our love, thoughts and prayers to Daffneys/Shannon’s family and friends at this horrible time.


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