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Wrestling: The Very Best British Wrestlers in the States

It is a great thing that WWE has decided to bring PPVs back to the United Kingdom. The U.K is one of the greatest wrestling markets in the world. They have been responsible for some memorable moments in wrestling history and have produced numerous amount of great British wrestlers.

Some of the wrestlers who have made their way across the pond have become the biggest stars in the world of wrestling. They have done their countries proud and have left a lasting impression the world over. But which of these men and women have the claim to be the best? Below let’s take a look at some of the candidates.

Chris Adams

Better known to the world as Gentleman Chris Adams, Adams was an incredible success story. He was a prominent member of the WCCW, WCW, and UWA, winning a total of 26 titles across these, and other, organizations.  Over a 23-year career, he was consistently one of the best wrestlers on whichever roster he was a part of.

The name may not ring a bell to many but it may be of note to mention that Adams was responsible for training some huge names. Scott Hall and Steve Austin were just some of the names that have learned under Adams. He is also credited with popularizing the superkick. A move that is widely used in professional wrestling today.

Drew McIntyre

McIntrye came into WWE as the “Chosen One”. Under the backing of Vince McMahon, the sky was the limit for McIntrye. Unfortunately, the sky was not the limit as his character failed and he was soon released from the company.

This release could have ruined the Scottish Warrior but he took the opportunity to develop himself. His time with independent promotions was incredibly valuable and allowed McIntyre to become the star he is today. Coming back to WWE he has built himself into one of the biggest stars in the world.

Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre Jr. is one of the most prolific wrestlers to ever come out of the U.K. He has also gained notoriety for being one of the best wrestlers to never make his way to WWE.

He has been a massive success in some of the biggest independent promotions in the world. With NJPW, ROH, PWG, RPW, and Progress he has won numerous championships and proved his worth to the world.

It is also should be noted that his technical skill puts him above anyone. He has won the Wrestling Observers’ best technician award seven years in a row (2014 – 2020) and was also voted best technician of the decade (the 2010s). No other wrestler in the world can match the technical knowledge of the British man from Kent.


Her career may have been cut short, due to injury, but the impact Paige has had on the world of wrestling cannot be understated.

Getting discovered by WWE at a young age was a dream come true for Paige. She was 19 and started in FCW where she impressed top brass quickly enough that by 2012 she became the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. The accolades didn’t stop there as she was soon called up to the main roster and won the Diva’s Championship on her first night on Raw.

Sadly, in 2015/2016, she had to retire after sighting neck injuries. Despite her short career, Paige was able to accomplish more than some have managed to over decades. Her success makes her one of the best to ever come from the U.K, and left a legacy & pathway for other British Women, like Millie McKenzie & Lizzy Evo.

Nigel McGuinness

Being known as a commentator for NXT U.K was a disservice to Nigel. He molded himself into one of the best professional wrestlers in the world for years before his entrance into WWE.

As a wrestler, he was known for his tremendous work in Ring of Honour. Sure, he worked in various promotions but it was in ROH where he made his name. There he held the Pure Championship for nearly a year and was one of the longest-running ROH World Champions.

McGuinness was one of the best heels in wrestling history. His attack on Bryan Danielson was brutal and established him as a despicable wrestler. It showed the range of McGuinness as a performer and further cemented his legacy in professional wrestling. A damn shame, and would’ve been one of the greatest British wrestlers ever.

William Regal

Regal is one of the most underrated wrestling in history. If there was a list of those who should have won multiple world titles, he is at the top of it.

Throughout his career, Regal did nothing but entertain the crowds all while putting on exceptional matches. He was able to switch from comedic buffoon to ass-kicker seamlessly. It was a talent that not many were able to replicate.

While not winning world titles Regal did have an extensive championship trophy case. He was the recipient of multiple mid-card championship reigns. He was always a legitimate contender for the Intercontinental and Television Championship. It is a shame that he never won the big one but his influence on wrestling history will last forever.

The British Bulldog

In a time when U.K wrestlers were not as widely known, The British Bulldog was becoming a star. Starting in a tag team, with the Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith was one of the most popular performers on the roster. Winning the tag titles was a huge spot on the Wrestlemania 2 card and pushed the tandem to the top of the roster.

Once he embarked on his singles career Bulldog was pushed into the stratosphere. He got tremendous reactions from every audience he was in front of. At some points, his popularity even rivaled Hulk Hogans.

British Bulldog was given the task of main eventing one of the biggest shows of all time. Alongside Bret Hart, Davey put on one of the most loved matches in WWE history. He helped to make Summerslam 1992 a huge success and thus put the U.K on WWE’s map.

Fit Finlay

The Northern Irishman who loved to fight built himself a massive legacy in professional wrestling. Making his name in WCW, Finlay was a good hand with any company he wrestled for.

Finlay held 20 championships over his lengthy career, including the WCW Television Championship and the WWE United States strap. It was a testament to his talent that he was able to hold a championship wherever he went.

Finlay is also known as the favorite producer of many wrestlers. His influence over the production of various great matches cannot be understated. He had his hand in the development of many top stars today including being a driving force behind the women’s revolution. One of the best underrated British Wrestlers of all time.

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett could be one of the biggest question marks in WWE history. Breaking into the company with NXT, Barrett won the inaugural season of NXT. Not resting on this victory he brought together all the NXT season 1 wrestlers and invaded WWE. It was a great move and one that gave us some captivating television.

After running roughshod through the company Barrett spent his years as a tremendous mid-card talent. He was a five-time Intercontinental Champion and was consistently one of the best talkers in WWE.

It is a shame that he was never able to break through to the top of the card but his lasting impression in WWE more than qualifies him as one of the great British wrestlers.

Dave Taylor

Taylor was always a great hand in wrestling, and an underrated one to boot. His time spent with WWE and WCW was one that never got much notice from anyone. He was a technically gifted athlete that was fantastic in the ring. His charisma was his downfall and it prevented either company from fully getting behind him.

Outside of his ring work, Taylor was responsible for training some of the best in the business. He spent years training in WWE and TNA. He helped to mould the next generation of stars and his handprints can be seen all over the wrestling industry.

There you have it! Sadly, iconic favourites like Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki never really made their mark in the US. Haystacks would have small success with WCW in 1996 as Loch Ness, including wins over Scotty Riggs & Bugg Bagwell. He would actually be involved with AJPW in the mid-80s too whilst Kendo Nagasaki

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