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Wrestling: Views of a Casual Fan: Finish with a Brawl

Disclaimer: The views of TDF in no way those of The Wrestling Mania, the content also contains language that is inappropriate for children or people who are easily offended. Raw 18/11/13

  • Triple H and Steph open the show with HHH doing a nice long promo about how important he is to the show. This is definitely ’13 and not ’03. He had the belt in ’03 and now he only runs the company.
  • Randy Orton showing some big balls and getting in Trips face. About goddamn time!
  • To be fair to the Authority they do make me yearn for the return of Vinny Mac so they’re doing their job well enough.
  • Hurray we get to see Vicki wrestle. Just what I wanted.
  • Braddox is going to get whipped.
  • Kane needs to wear darker suits he looks like Jaws. Jaws from James Bond not the shark.
  • Orton chasing Maddox looked like a sex crime in progress. Well what I imagine a sex crime to look like….
  • I think while Maddox has the upper hand and Orton is downed he should seize his opportunity and run away.
  • He didn’t run away he might regret that.
  • Yeah he regrets it.
  • Big E vs. Curtis Axel for the IC? Hmm.
  • Raw Country translates into Raw plays country music adverts during the show. Fast forward.
  • Big intro’s for the IC title…hmm…change alert?
  • Yep change alert. I’m seriously underwhelmed about all of this. I won’t deny Langston has some talent but I simply don’t think it’s been showcased enough to warrant a run with the Intercontinental Championship. I’m not saying he can’t get to that level I just think he’s not at it yet. The IC title used to be both a stepping stone belt and a reward for the best worker hence why it’s the title that meant most to Shawn Michaels. Now it’s been handed to a bodybuilder (I’ll never let that go) who I’ve seen on the mic about three times. Disappointing.
  • Final point. Big E’s looked like he didn’t know how to hold a belt. I’ll reserve judgment until next time.
  • These iTunes adverts need to fuck off.
  • Divas musical chairs?! Christ.
  • This bullshit is getting fast-forwarded.
  • Big Slow vs. Lieback with your shoulders on the mat
  • Lawler: ‘Ryback can certainly beat Show’. Not true Jerry. Ryback lost to R-Truth last week. R-Truth couldn’t beat Show ergo neither can Ryback.
  • Big Show getting one over on Randy Orton again? Does that mean an Orton win at SS? Of course it does.
  • 3MB and who? Don’t answer. Don’t care…
  • If Miz & Kofi can’t beat the Un-Americans then they suck balls because the Un-Americans couldn’t beat Cena 2 on 1 last week.
  • Good for Miz and good for the fans on Miz’s turn. He may well have been the worst face ever. Now he can hopefully go back to doing what he does best and that’s being universally despised.
  • Vicki trying to pull that old trick. It don’t work on camera woman!
  • It took 3 minutes to get VG to the ring but it felt infinitely longer.
  • I get putting her against a rival but heel vs heel over nothing doesn’t do anything for the crowd…oh what? Nobody cares….yeah good point.
  • That segment was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen on Raw at least since the Divas Musical Chairs segment
  • Broadway brawl? Is that a time limit draw? It doesn’t make sense to Triple H or me.
  • This looks awful.
  • Dolph Ziggler hits a beautiful standing dropkick which is still one of the most satisfying moves in all of professional wrestling.
  • JBL, King and Cole all amusing themselves because there is fuck all else going on.
  • 2 Good talents making the most of a bad hand but please, let it end.
  • Sandow’s push lasted a whole week but at least Dolph won a match.
  • Replays of what we have already seen tonight. Fun times.
  • Standard Cena promo.
  • Standard Del Rio promo.
  • Doesn’t matter how you try to sell it Cena is winning all day long.
  • 3MB. FML.
  • So that’s who Xavier Woods is? Hmm interesting. I liked his finish, We’ll see how that develops.
  • Main event time and it’s not come soon enough!
  • Shit Daniel Bryan is over.
  • Finally a traditional Survivor Series match is announced (that doesn’t involve Divas). It’ll have to do.
  • I thought the main event was really good considering there was so much to look out for with so many participants. It’s well worth watching and is about the only thing on the show that was.
  • It’s always good to finish with a big brawl.
  • Bloody hell it’s Rey Mysterio! I thought his knees were retired? Fair play if he thinks he can do it. A really good surprise and good way to finish the show.

A strong ending always makes up for a weak show and that’s what happened this week. Gimmick RAW’s like RAW country and Raw Roulette are always hit and miss but this was mostly the drizzling shits. I think Survivor Series is only worth watching for The Beard & The Best going against The Wyatt’s but it is what it is. I still won’t be watching. Here’s hoping next week is an improvement or you might not hear from me again until the Royal Rumblus. I am a casual fan afterall.

– By TDF


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