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Wrestling: Views of a Casual Fan: Less Is More

Raw 25/11/13

So Randy Orton, John Cena and the team of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan won their respective matches at Survivor Series. You didn’t need Dolphin1925 to know that was all going to go down. Where will the next 9 hours of Raw lead us? To TLC in 3 weeks. Sometimes less is more. Which is the theme of this weeks ramble.

  • Raw from Long Island opens with Randall Orton lording his ‘Big’ (get it? Big Show. I used that already? Ah chit.) win from the Survivor Series. Randy does all this and then introduces the Authority because they’re the real face of the company. I’m not pleased about this. I was on the Randy Orton bandwagon well before he beat Lord Voldemort for the WHC at SummerSlam and I resented how he was overshadowed by HHH in his solitary month as World Champion and damn do I resent it now. It’s ass backwards.
  • Oh my. Orton is getting in the Authority’s face about how he is the star of the show. I like this. It’s true and you know Randy believes it.
  • Cena walking down. It’s looking like a unification match is on. I wasn’t expecting something like this for months.
  • Cena acknowledges Daniel Bryan is the best in the business at this moment. I like this.
  • I’m surprised they are going for the unification at TLC. It’s a bit of a throwaway PPV for such a big angle. Also it’s only 3 weeks away. That’s no build time to something of this magnitude.
  • Dean Ambrose mannerisms are totally bizarre and totally believable.
  • It was a good 6 man tag. Roman Reigns is quickly becoming one of the main players on the show. Hopefully they time his inevitable turn and solo run well.
  • I don’t know who the guest host is. Nor do I care.
  • Urgh. Ziggles and Sandow in another vote for terrible gimmick match weekly run. I really hope this is the end of it.
  • I didn’t get the Miz tv section. It’s made more confusing by Miz going back to being a douche heel later in the night only a few days after his TV turn. Mind bottling.
  • Curtis Axel and jobber teaming again after agreeing they would leave each other alone after the Paul Heyman parting.
  • Mark Henry looks crazy dangerous.
  • Haha no way did Axel get pinned. Maybe jobber Ryback is finally out of Dolph Ziggler’s dog house.
  • Divas rematch? Why? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Ok so I watched a bit of the Divas match and the super kick Tamina Snuka delivered to nondescript diva was outstanding. The match peaked with that moment and was mostly fast forwarded.
  • Hampton Hardcore match. Boring. I’ve got more important things to do so this is getting fast forwarded as I watched it last week and didn’t care for it then.
  • Sandow beats Ziggler which probably points to a gimmicky rubber match next week. Balls.
  • Daniel Bryan & CM Punk time. Awesome. Good little interview if a little juvenile. Not sure what Renee was doing there. Don’t mind either.
  • It was a good match. As to be expected between 5 workers that are probably the most compelling characters on the show.
  • The various beat downs were done well and it sets up the really exciting prospect of The Shield vs The Wyatt’s  vs The Greatest of all teams. TLC between those 3? Ooosh.
  • Kofi Kingston vs Miz. So Miz is a git again. Miz is far more compelling as a heel. Especially now he’s not playing a heel expecting cheers. Which is essentially what his face run was.
  • All this time into the Long Island Raw and not even a mention of the Long Island Iced Z! It’s an outrage. I hope he’s doing a number on the catering. Ryder or Riot.
  • Hardcore Legend Mick Foley selling stuff at super reasonable prices. This is money.
  • 3MB. Meh.
  • Xavier Woods coming out to the Funkadactyls/ Brodus Clay/ Ernest Miller theme. I wonder what the correlation is….
  • Decent match. It’ll be interesting to see where this Woods run goes. Introducing him is one thing but I’ll be curious to see if they push him and give him an actual feud.
  • Rock’s greatest Wrestlemania opponents? Austin, Hogan or Cena. Hogan Rock was the best match for me as it was my two favourites going at it on the grandest stage of them all. That said Austin is easily the best Mania Oppoenent. 3 Excellent matches. I’d love to see it one more time.
  • Good main event between Show, Cena, Del Rio and Randy Orton. I really liked the story on Big Show selling the effects of the punt. Considering that move was banned (on the show) for the damage a rampant Randy Orton was causing a few years back. Though the result was largely inconsequential it still surprises me that they let Cena pick up the win despite it essentially being a 2 vs 1.

Reasonable show I suppose. It’s all largely treading water until the Royal Rumble. I’ll probably say that the night after Wrestlemania.

Take care kids.

– By TDF


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