Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Write About Wrestling

Want to join #TheWrestlingMovement?

We are always on the lookout for new writers, editors, social media experts and podcasters to join our ever-expanding team. This is a passion project that started over 7 years ago, set up between a group of friends, none of whom are paid – not even the bosses.

We do offer fun incentives from some of our partners, like FITE TV, We Love Sport UK, ThirteenTen Apparel, WWE UK and Impact UK – be that tickets, free merch, public viewings and more.

Many of our team go on to write for bigger places (hey, we’re humble) after they’ve written and worked with us, so if you want a career in media, we can help with that. Former staff members have gone to produce wrestling television and radio, write for major news outlets, and begin a career starting or passing through our website.

We also have real journalists (not those fake ones) on board who are happy to mentor you, if needed.

If you’d like to give writing on a large scale a try (46,000+ Twitter followers, 13,000+ Facebook likes, more than half a million yearly views) or would like to talk about wrestling and learn some fun media skills along the way, come join our community! Please apply below!