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WWE 205 Live Results – April 3, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of 205 Live.

KUSHIDA defeated Danny Burch via submission

KUSHIDA and Burch chain wrestle to open, trying to get control over a body part with Burch going for the leg and KUSHIDA, naturally, going for the arm.

Burch changed the pace with a flapjack, but KUSHIDA fought back with a big kick. Burch was kicked once again through the ropes, but a top rope forearm was met with a Burch right hand, and Burch worked over KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA fought back with a handspring elbow, and ran through some high-impact offence. Burch then blocked a DDT and hit a forearm, which led to a crossface by Burch that KUSHIDA fought out of. The two exchanged blows until KUSHIDA caught Burch’s arm into the Hoverboard Lock, which forced Danny Burch to submit.

Jack Gallagher defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall

The pair locked up, which Breeze got the advantage of. Gallagher took control following a Breeze slip, allowing Gallagher to drape him over the top rope with a firemans carry. Gallagher than ran down a flurry of strikes, and worked Breeze over. Breeze managed to get in a few shots to the ribs and then got back into it with a big kick in the corner. Breeze then hit a pair of forearms and ran wild on Gallagher, countering a running dropkick and hitting the supermodel kick for a near fall.

Gallagher went for Tyler Breeze’s arm and locked in an armbar, forcing Breeze to get to the ropes. The pair exchanged strikes and went to the outside where Gallagher drove Breeze into a barricade. Gallagher then hit a discus lariat for the win.


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