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WWE 205 Live Results – February 28, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of 205 Live.

The battle of brand supremacy comes early as NXT takes on 205 Live two weeks before their huge tag team match-up.

Joaquin Wilde defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall

Raul Mendoza jump-started the match with a big dropkick. Mendoza threw Wilde into the buckle and them both men went to the mat to exchange holds. Wilde fought back, delivering a powerbomb to Mendoza who was seated on the top rope. Wilde then hit a big hurricanrana off the steel steps and signalled for his DJ horn. He got his DJ horn.

The pair traded roll-ups, roll throughs, and reversals until a Mendoza roll-up attempt found him in the perfect position to be hit by the Wilde Thing, allowing him to pick up the win.

A hype package airs for the big ten-man elimination tag match between NXT and 205 Live in two weeks.

Lio Rush defeated Tony Nese via disqualification

Both men tried to feel each other in the early goings, with Rush gaining an advantage with an enziguri that sends Nese to the outside. Rush attempted a roll-up but Nese rolled through and kicked his opponent in the head. Nese worked over Rush until he fought back with a beautiful corkscrew dive to the outside.

However, thanks to a distraction from Mike Kanellis, allowing Tony Nese to drop Lio Rush with a gutbuster and hit his springboard moonsault. Nese tried to follow up with a superplex, but Rush blocked and hit a big crossbody. A second crossbody was caught by Nese who hit a big suplex and locked in a Boston crab. Rush broke out and hit a spin kick. Another attempted at interference from Kanellis was thwarted and just as Rush nailed Nese with the Come Up, Kanellis attacked Rush for the DQ.

Nese and Kanellis beat down Rush until Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch of Team NXT to come to his aid. The two teams brawled into the back leaving only Rush in the ring. Before Rush could make it to his feet, he was attacked by the returning Jack Gallagher.

Gallagher stood tall as the newest member of 205 Live to close the show.


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