WWE 205 Live Results – January 10th, 2020


Friday nights just got a lot more gorgeous as Prince Pretty makes his 205 Live debut.

A recap of Brian Kendrick’s return on last week’s show aired to start things off. With Tom Phillips getting ready to call NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II on Sunday, Byron Saxton was here alongside Aiden English.

Lio Rush vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott ended in a no contest

These two had a tremendous athletic opening, and it’s a shame the crowd could not have cared less. The Singh Brothers then came out, distracting them by filming with their retro camera.

Rush said whatever idiotic movie the Singhs are making is canceled and challenged them to a tag match. The Singhs said they weren’t here to wrestle, however the ring announcer got word from Drake Maverick that the tag match was official.

Lio Rush & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated The Singh Brothers via pinfall

Scott worked the arm of Sunil Singh for a bit before tagging Rush in for some quick kicks. Samir Singh tagged in and worked over Rush.

Rush then rolled through a double suplex attempt and tagged in Scott. Scott hit a flurry of kicks to both Singhs and landed a lovely basement uppercut to the back of Sunil. Swerve kicked both men in the ropes with a series of round kicks before tagging Rush. Rush hit the Come Up and Swerve landed with the House Call for the win.

A Tyler Breeze hype video aired. How they didn’t mention his match with Liger this week of all weeks, I don’t know.

Ariya Daivari defeated Jeff Brooks via pinfall

This was a squash match. Daivari pulled his hair for a bit and then dropped Brooks with the hammerlock lariat for the victory.

He hit a second one after the bell.

A video detailing Jack Gallagher’s losing streak and beating of Maverick from November were shown, alongside Maverick’s tweet announcing that Gallagher’s suspension is over.

Tyler Breeze defeated Tony Nese

This was Breeze’s 205 Live debut. Breeze and Nese went hold for hold early on, until they went to the floor and Nese clubbed Breeze’s back before throwing him in for two. Nese was in firm control until Breeze went for a desperation Unprettier but Nese countered it before eating an enzuigiri from Breeze. He hit the floor and Breeze wanted a suicide dive, but ate a high kick, putting himself back in control.

Breeze and Nese exchanged missing big high impact moves, including a Lionsault from Nese and Breeze hit a modified backstabber for two. Breeze also got a two count after hitting a head-trap superkick in the corner.

Breeze missed a crossbody and Nese went for a cradle, but Breeze cradled him out of that to pick up the victory.