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WWE 205 Live Results – January 17th, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from last night’s episode of 205 Live.

Who will gain momentum heading into Worlds Collide, and will see Jack Gallagher again on 205 Live?

Jon Quasto and Mansoor were the commentary team for tonights episode.

Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall

Daivari charged Breeze down and hopped in the corner to mock him to open. Breeze fought back with a dropkick in the corner, hit his corner pose and continued to work over his opponent. Daivari choked Breeze in the ropes to retake the advantage, but Breeze fought back with flying forearms and a straightjacket backstabber for a near fall. Daivari avoided the Unprettier and went for the hammerlock lariat, but Breeze hit a big kick before going on to hit the Beauty Shot to win. Crowd really liked this match.

Jack Gallagher made a list of demands on Twitter before he will return to 205 Live.

Lio Rush defeated Sunil Singh via pinfall

Rush jumped the Singhs on the floor before Sunil got an advantage with some quick offence. The Singhs try ‘twin magic’ but the referee notices that Samir has tattoos, shades and long tights so he rejects him. Rush hit a big baseball slide on Sunil and followed up with Come Up and Final Hour for the win.

NXT UK’s Johnny Saint and Sid Scala ran down the wrestlers who will face off for the final two slots in the Worlds Collide Cruiserweight title match. It will be Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks vs. Brian Kendrick on NXT UK next week. The winners will join Angel Garza and Isaiah Scott in the fatal four-way title match.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall

Scott started off by working the arm of Mendoza who tried to roll out, and the two exchanged some lucha counters. Mendoza stopped Scott in his tracks with a big chop and took control, and trapped Swerve in some rest holds. Scott hot Mendoza to the outside and hit a big boot, following up with a knee and a rolling flatliner for a near fall. Scott went for the JML Driver, but Mendoza avoided it and hit a pop-up hurricanrana. Mendoza hit a lionsault and then a fosbury flop to the outside and looked in firm control. However, Mendoza’s pheonix splash got nothing and Swerve hit a house call for the win.


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