WWE 205 Live Results – January 24th, 2020

A pair of first-time matches headline this weeks showcase of the cruiserweights

Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall

Fair play to Breeze, he knows he’s gonna have to do a lot to get the crowd to care but he is trying his best. Breeze immediately started out with a 10-count punch in the corner, and rallied out of a neckbreaker on the second ropes with some chops to regain control. Breeze missed a beauty shot, but he countered a sunset flip by hooking the legs to get the win. A passable opener.

Backstage, Daivari was upset and Kendrick came up and said it looks like Daivari needs a friend; and Kendrick needs one too. Kendrick reminded Daivari that he’s already helped him out before he made his way to the ring.

Brian Kendrick defeated Danny Burch via pinfall

Danny Burch’s hard-hitting offence gave him the early advantage with stiff forearms and a slam to the knee of Kendrick. Kendrick threw Burch to the outside before locking in the Captains Hook, which Burch had to get the ropes to break.

Burch landed a big headbutt, but Kendrick found the sanctuary of the ropes. Daivari then appeared and got on the apron. Burch threw a strike that Daivari avoided, but Kendrick sat down on a sunset flip, only this time Daivari held his hand for leverage to pick up the win. They played off the ‘using ropes’ narrative really well. Good storytelling.

Tony Nese defeated Lio Rush via countout

The two played a game of cat and mouse to open, with Rush used to hit a pele kick on the apron and then a big dive to the outside. Nice got in control with a big spin kick and locked in a bodyscissors. These two went back and forth hitting big time, and often some of their signature manoeuvres until Nese looked to hit the 450 splash on the apron. Rush shoved him off and both tumbled to the outside. It looked set to be a double count-out, but Nese launched Rush over the announce table and got in to beat the count of ten. Creative finish.

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