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WWE 205 Live Results – January 3rd, 2020

The first 205 Live of the year, but will any of the stars in the cruiserweight division step up to champion Angel Garza?

Ariya Daivari defeated Danny Burch via pinfall

Daivari got an in-set promo saying that 2019 was full of new people to the division so his new year’s resolution is to protect 205 Live because it’s made him very wealthy. He concluded by saying he’s started with Danny Burch, then he’s moving onto Raul Mendoza. Burch was set for victory until a “fan” in a mask jumped up onto the ring apron, allowing Daivari to hit a low blow, following up with the hammerlock lariat for the victory.

Post-match, the “fan” unmasked to reveal Brian Kendrick. He said he’s a pro wrestler and some might remember him, but he’s here to remind everyone that he’s the Brian Kendrick. he dropped Burch with the sliced bread to close.

We saw the tweet of Samir Singh’s child being born and The Singh Brothers are now faces? They talk about them wrestling on every major WWE brand.

The Singh Brothers defeated Corey Storm & Anthony Wayne via pinfall

This was a squash match for the Singhs. Big spin kick after Storm hit a cross chop, and the Bollywood Blast for the victory.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza defeated Tony Nese via pinfall in a non-title match

Angel Garza is a star in the making in NXT, however, they need to decide if he is face or heel. One week he is proposing to his girlfriend in the week, the next he’s short-handing fans high fives. Tony Nese went for his springboard moonsault following a decent contest but Garza got his knees up, and hit the Wing Clipper for the victory.


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