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WWE 205 Live Results – May 29, 2020

With live crowds back in attendance (in some form), 205 Live has a new edge going forward.

Tony Nese defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall (Running Nese)

In the opening moments, both men got the better of the other in lock-ups until Tony Nese hit Tyler Breeze with a kick to take control. Nese went to the throat of Breeze to stop any offence, but a missed dive from ‘The Premier Athlete’ meant that he crashed and burned, bringing Breeze back in to this match.

Both men went back and forth in this opening contest gaining several near falls until Breeze started zeroing in on the leg of Nese, whipping it into the ring post and locking in a half crab. Nese then seemingly forgot his hurt his leg in the closing moments of the match, winning with the Running Nese.

Tehuti Miles defeated Danny Burch via pinfall (roll-up)

The young upstart snubbed Danny Burch to lock-up, and then Tehuti Miles bailed to the outside when an irate Burch charged towards him. Miles eventually locked horns with Burch, took him down and arrogantly walked over the prone body of Burch.

Burch snapped, beating down miles with strikes, a rough headlock mixed with big palm strikes. The referee pulled Danny Burch off of Tehuti Miles as he stomped him in the corner, and this separation allowed Miles to take advantage by pulling the rope down, sending a charging Burch to the outside.

Miles then worked over Burch, locking in several chinlocks until Burch managed to break free and run wild. Burch had the match well in hand, but as Burch rolled Miles back in the ring after clotheslining him to the outside, he was shocked with a quick roll-up for the upset win.

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