WWE: Analysing the Women’s Money In The Bank Match

WWE’s Money In The Bank is fast becoming the go-to PPV’s on the pro-wrestling calendar, with the past few years match cards giving us especially entertaining spots. Since the introduction of the women’s Money In The Bank match, this has meant that the WWE universe are being treated to two matches that involve the winner obtaining the famous briefcase.

This year the Pay Per View will be on Sunday, May 19 inside the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut; and this year will be the third Money In The Bank PPV that will involve a Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

On Raw’s 29th April and Smackdown’s 30th April episodes, they unveiled who would be their entrants this year, and the line-up – particularly the women’s – certainly didn’t disappoint.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at each wrestler, and see the probability of each of them winning.


Carmella has been an entertaining force this year since joining forces with R- Truth, producing funny backstage segments, and improving in the ring.

This will mark her third Money In The Bank match, with her first sparking particular controversy, however it’s hard to deny that Carmella has developed a great character for herself.

Although she will certainly produce some fun spots in the match, it is very unlikely she is going to come away with the win.

CHANCES: 1.5/5


It is almost like the past year or so has been a sinking ship for Bayley, once one of the hottest superstars to come out of the NXT roster.

Since losing the women’s tag team belts and her recent transfer to Smackdown, it has been unclear about what exactly WWE are doing with her. Surely a win at Money In The Bank would be a brilliant opportunity to give Bayley the push a lot of the WWE universe have felt she deserves.

We all know how great Bayley is in stipulation matches and has previously been in top matches with the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks. It is very likely she will create some great moments- however, due to issues such as the lack of fan engagement. I don’t see her winning.

CHANCES: 2.5/5


It is definitely safe to say that Naomi is one of the most underrated women’s wrestlers on the WWE roster, and will prove to be one of the better wrestlers during the match.

Over the course of 2018 and 2019, she hasn’t exactly been given the best storylines, although with a few injuries now prevalent on the RAW roster, many are looking to the likes of Naomi to fill that top spot.

Naomi will give us a high-flying show, and will probably come close to the briefcase, but I feel like her time will come once someone else reclaims the RAW title from Becky Lynch.


Dana Brooke

Dana is certainly somebody who many would describe as filler for this match, and has also been utilised poorly since her debut; however she is definitely good at the work she does produce.

This will however not be enough for her, especially when you look at the likes of Ember Moon and Naomi. I also imagine Dana will be looking to the likes of Natalya to aid with the pacing issues that she tends to get in her matches.

Let’s put it this way- I would be willing to do some form of losing bet (any ideas, please let us know!)

CHANCES: When Pigs Gain The Ability To Fly/5


Over the duration of Natalya’s career, she has definitely proven herself to be a work horse for the women’s division. Natalya definitely has previous when it comes to competing in title matches, so it would certainly make sense for WWE to have her cash in the briefcase on Lynch and start a feud… if they wanted to go down a mediocre storyline route.

Natalya is the veteran in this though, and will help with the pacing of the match for those who haven’t been in such a stipulation. I do hope that WWE go for a more exciting route than to give her the case, but it wouldn’t shock me if they did.


Mandy Rose

Mandy has definitely had her fair share of bad storylines, and overall complete oversight in terms of her character. It doesn’t help that when it was announced that Mandy would be taking one of the Smackdown spots instead of Sonya Deville: many of the WWE Universe voiced their opinion that Sonya would the more deserving partner to be in the match.

However I don’t want to dismiss Mandy, not even slightly. She is well versed on using the mic and is seen as one of the more favoured heels on the women’s roster. It would make sense for her to win the briefcase, especially in the way that she could cash it in on Lynch. My mind certainly tells me that WWE would happily give the opportunity for Rose to flourish.  


Alexa Bliss

Having picked up last years briefcase, it’s easy to assume that Alexa will have a decent showing. However, we have had Alexa off the shelf for a while since then due to injury.

Her comeback this year has been met with a surprise mediocrity from the WWE universe, especially when we consider her power behind the mic, and just how much fun she is as a top heel. Alexa will certainly bring a lot to the match, and with the many faces that are participating, we can expect Bliss to be in a position where she will be targeted, but this angle is exactly where she will shine. I expect Alexa to grab the briefcase, and cash it in on Lynch when she is in a vulnerable position.

CHANCES: 4.5/5

Ember Moon

Ember had certainly proven herself on the NXT roster to be one of the most athletic and intriguing wrestlers on their roster, and many have worried about what WWE are doing with her since joining the main roster.

Her high flying move set and her charisma I predict will get her far in this match, but I believe that this match will be too soon for her to obtain the briefcase. She hasn’t been featured as much, apart from the odd match with minimal story, due to injury- so although Ember will put on a great performance, I imagine Ember to be more in line for the title picture this time next year.

CHANCE: 3.5/5

Maybe these predictions of mine will alter as the shows before Money In The Bank play out, but it’s certainly interesting to speculate.

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