Andrade vs The World: 5 Dream Matches for La Sombra outside of WWE

A few weeks back, it was reported that Andrade had requested for his release from WWE but it wasn’t granted by management taking to Twitter to confirm these reports and hinted that he wasn’t happy. Andrade was en route to receiving a push at the start of the pandemic era but after Paul Heyman was relieved of his role as the executive director of RAW, all plans for Andrade were dropped and there were no intentions of pushing him. His last appearance on T.V saw him lose to Angel Garza in a two-minute match on RAW in October. Since then there has been no mention of him by WWE.

Last Sunday, Andrade started posting some interesting Tweets that caught the eyes of many fans which made them believe that he might have been granted his release by WWE. Late night on Sunday, WWE announced that they had come to terms on the release of Andrade and now La Sombra is a free bird.

One of his Tweets encouraged fans to speculate on his upcoming matches. He Tweeted “ VS ? Country? Company? #Tranquilo”. Therefore, let’s go over some of the possibilities outside of WWE that have been opened up after Andrade’s release.

5 – Andrade vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Andrade WWE

Let’s just straight-up dive into a really mouthwatering encounter. Andrade is one of the best wrestlers in the world undoubtedly and someone who would be the perfect dressing on this salad would be the Speedball. Such an amazing mix of styles that will produce an instant classic, to say the least. Andrade currently has his 90-day no-compete clause still active which means that he’ll be able to wrestle by June. Mike Bailey’s travel ban was just recently lifted so this match really isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Now it would be hard to decide where this match could take place. Bailey is currently an independent wrestler and the last we saw of him was in DDT. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding him in recent days that he might be going to the USA. In that case, it wouldn’t be reaching to say that a top promotion like AEW already has eyes on him. If Andrade also gets signed by AEW, Mike Bailey would be just one of his many dream opponents in the Elite Zone. However, even if they don’t get signed by AEW, they would still be able to cross paths on the independent scene.

4 – Andrade vs Kenny Omega

Andrade WWE

Nowadays, Omega seems to make any and every list about wrestling and he has earned his way into each one of them. Arguably, the best wrestler in the world right now. Why wouldn’t someone want to wrestle the Best Bout Machine and in this case, why wouldn’t anyone want to see La Sombra vs The Cleaner? Two of the most versatile wrestlers in the world right now. Andrade and Omega are similar in many ways. It was most evident in Andrade’s CMLL and NXT days that he can work a hundred different styles in the same match. Be it a master technician, high flyer or brawler. Andrade doesn’t just fit into one category. Once you let him out of his shell, he’ll show you why his name ranks amongst the best in the world right now.

On the other hand, it’s literally a wrestling god. The top heel in AEW. It would be almost written in stone that La Sombra would face Omega were he to sign with AEW. We have seen Andrade thrive in the relentless heel role but it won’t be hard for him to excel in the hard-working, underdog role if the situation calls for it.

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