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WWE: Elimination Chamber 2018 Preview

Ahead of Sundays edition of Elimination Chamber over on the Monday Night RAW brand- I thought I’d have a look at the entire card as a whole, give my thoughts and preview the show! So, let’s go.

Titus WorldWide vs The Bar- RAW Tag Team Titles

Before I go any further- I am all for brand new tag teams getting a shot at the titles and a push in the division. I have absolutely nothing against that and hate it when the tag-team scene feels so stale. But why, WHY, are we pushing the comedy joke act when you have teams like Anderson and Gallows and The goddamn Revival sitting backstage doing absolutely nothing week in and week out? I will be seriously disappointed if somehow, Titus and Apollo find a way to win on Sunday. I’ll admit- some of their stuff is honestly funny and I think Titus is basically MADE for this role but they shouldn’t be defeating Sheamus and Cesaro every week like they seem to be doing recently. My preference would be The Bar retain then face both The Revival and The Good Brothers at Mania.

Prediction: The Bar


‘Woken’ Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt

This feud had such huge, huge potential behind it when a certain Mr Matthew Hardy became WOKEN and set his sights on Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail. Since then, we’ve had a match on the 25th anniversary of RAW where Bray Wyatt basically squashed Matt, a lot of backstage promos and a lot, a lot, A LOT…of maniacal laughing. The Broken/Woken Universe is filled with such incredible characters and ideas that we sadly have not been able to see so far under the WWE umbrella so this match-up has incredibly little hype behind it. I’m sure it will be absolutely fine though. Additionally, can Bray Wyatt survive ANOTHER PPV loss? We’ve been saying this for months and months and months but this really does feel like his ‘do-or-die’ moment especially when you realise that at this very event last year, he pinned John Cena and AJ Styles clean to become the WWE Champion. It’s just…sad.

Prediction: ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy


Nia Jax vs Asuka (If Jax wins, she is entered into the Woman’s Title match at Wrestlemania)

The story that has been told on the weekly edition of Raw is that Nia has Asuka’s number. Two weeks ago, she single-handedly took out both Sasha Banks and Bayley in seconds- two women who in weeks prior had taken Asuka to her limit. And then on the go home edition of RAW before Sunday, Nia hit Asuka with three of her leg drops- one on the back of Asuka’s neck. However…Asuka is winning this. Unless they do a count-out victory and that’s how Jax wins- I don’t see any way for Asuka losing this when she is only one PPV from Mania. Also- if I had it my way- Alexa would face Jax at Mania whilst Asuka faced Charlotte but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Prediction: Asuka


Ronda Rousey Contract Signing

Well, this should be interesting! What’s incredibly strange is that this segment – has not been built up at all? Angle announced two weeks ago on RAW that Rousey would make her first WWE appearance since the Royal Rumble this Sunday at Elimination Chamber in order to sign her RAW contract. This instantly created the question- why is she just instantly going to Monday Nights? Were there any negotiations made between herself and Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan? This may very well be answered at the show itself but currently- it’s very confusing. Secondly, why have we barely heard anything about this? Regardless of your opinion on the former UFC Women’s Champ, she’s a very big deal and a huge coup for the company. I assumed there would be interviews backstage with people clambering to find out what Ronda is doing in WWE etc etc. But no- are we going to find out her plans for WrestleMania? Whatever happens…it’s guaranteed to be rowdy.


Alexa Bliss vs Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose vs Mickie James vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley- Women’s Elimination Chamber for the RAW Women’s Title

HISTORY. HISTORIC. ALL THE HISTORY. IT’S HAPPENING. HISTORY. Whilst the work historic is currently the most repetitive and infuriating word within WWE, it’s obviously absolutely brilliant that the women of WWE have their first Elimination Chamber match and I hope it’s a roaring success that remains a staple of the PPV moving forward. There is however, a lot that could happen in this match. Multiple Mania feuds could be kickstarted here whilst the individual story of the match itself will be fascinating. Will Alexa be able to scarper away with her title? Will Mickie James help her defend it or double-cross her at the last second? Will Absolution stay as a unit or attack each other to win the ultimate prize in their division? And, perhaps the biggest question of them all, will Sasha turn heel on Bayley? I think that final question is a huge possibility as we could see Bayley eliminate Sasha from the Chamber, getting ANOTHER victory over her best friend, and for Sasha to completely lose it and beat the hugs out of Bayley until she can’t compete. We also have the idea of Nia Jax making an appearance after her potential loss to Asuka earlier in the night. It’s certainly going to be fun.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss


Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs The Miz vs Elias- Winner faces Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 at the Universal Title

I am so insanely excited for this match. I love everyone in this match, (I’m not a huge fan of Roman’s character but he’s absolutely brilliant in the ring), and the amount of innovative and interesting spots that could occur in this, potential, main event is amazing to think about. Much like the woman’s match- there are so many potential Mania feuds available to us. If you believe the rumour mill- Finn and Miz will be competing for the Intercontinental Title come April so this match is the perfect set up for that. Also, what will Rollins do at Mania if he doesn’t win? He absolutely astounding 65-minute performance this week on RAW proves that the 2014/2015 Seth could be back which is guaranteed to send thousands into excited laughing fits- myself very much included. The amount of carnage that Braun can cause in this environment is terrifying to think of and, whilst all this is going on…Elias will be in his pod until the very end and, hopefully, serenading us throughout the entire marathon we will be witnessing. In terms of winners, it’s almost a guarantee, again if you listen to the rumour mill, that Reigns will win and go onto main event his fourth consecutive Wrestlemania against the man he had his first with- Brock Lesnar. This also angers many fans as they have no desire to see this re-match without the potential cash-in we received in 2015. But we’ll just have to wait and see! Last year, we had a shock in a Bray Wyatt World Title win so perhaps we could see something of the like this year, you never know.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

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