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    WWE: Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions | 13/10 Apparel

    With Fastlane also on the horizon, things are starting to pick up but the Wrestlemania card still has no confirmed matches, however, after Elimination Chamber on Sunday, I think that it is safe to say that we will have an idea on at least one of the Wrestlemania main events.

    Love it or hate it but just admit you just can’t keep your eyes off the product, especially around this time of the year. Monday Night Raw has show signs of improved life whilst the blue brand & Roman Reigns have continued to excel, shall we just call Smackdown the ‘A’ brand from now on?…

    Elimination Chamber Match; WWE Universal Championship #1 Contendership:
    Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens vs King Corbin vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan

    The Reigning, Defending, Universal Champion Roman Reigns sure knows how to work WWE management… Roman somehow managed to negotiate his way out of defending inside the Chamber but he will still be defending the strap on Sunday against the last man standing from the above 6 competitors. Each Superstar can share a claim with each man respectively being a hot property right now. Bryan & Cesaro start the match, then Sami Zayn enters, followed by Corbin, Owens & Jey Uso. Zayn is the first to go, eliminated by Daniel Bryan. Corbin follows soon after by KO. Cesaro Eliminates Bryan, Uso eliminates KO and then we are down to 2! Cesaro overcomes Jey Uso and will face Roman reigns later in the night. The match includes stories to lead us on to Wrestlemania and later, a backstage confrontation between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins!

    Winner: Cesaro.. which leads into;

    WWE Universal Championship Match:
    Roman Reigns (c) vs Winner of Universal Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

    Roman enters immediately as the chamber has yet to lift, locking Cesaro inside with himself and Jey Uso, outcomes KO to help defend Cesaro but is also beaten down. Roman finishes off a reluctant Cesaro who hits some offence and successfully retains. Outcomes Edge from nowhere with a spear to both Jey and Roman thus declaring his challenge at WM. *Note* this will lead to either both USO’s vs Edge & Christian at Fastlane or Roman & Jey vs Edge & Christian.

    Winner: Roman Reigns

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