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WWE: Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions | 13/10 Apparel

WWE Raw Woman’s Championship:
Asuka (c) vs Lacey Evans ?

Lacey will very likely not be wrestling this weekend which leaves me to believe that a suitable replacement must be found. Drum roll, please… Rhea Ripley! Yes, Rhea Ripley. Rhea officially joins the RAW Womans roster and challenges Asuka here. We are going need some storylines added here before we get to Mania so what better way to introduce my personal favourite as a natural heel on the road to mania… Charlotte Flair. Charlotte causes a distraction thus ending the match in DQ (that means no winner and some angry marks come Sunday) but hold fire. Asuka, Charlotte & Rhea all have interweaving stories between one and another, Lets make it a triple threat on the grandest stage shall we?

Winner by DQ: Rhea or Asuka either way Asuka holds the strap (for now)

WWE United States Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Keith Lee vs Riddle

On paper, this screams Main Event anywhere in the world. Out of the 3 right now I would say that Bobby Lashley is HOT property and I believe unbeaten 1v1 since his loss to Drew. Keith Lee has suffered from poor booking since his initial first 6 weeks on RAW and Riddle has been sensational inside the squared circle. A triple threat match is always an easy way of having a champion drop a title without being involved in the pinfall so that makes me think that either Keith Lee or Riddle is walking out with the gold but can ultimately lead us to a showdown between close friends at WrestleMania with Keith Lee vs Riddle. I see more of a success story for Riddle at mania so let’s say Keith Lee leaves with the Gold this weekend and we get Riddle continuing his chase and having to go through Lee at mania for the title.

Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock on Riddle only to then be taken out by Keith Lee who hits the Spirit Bomb for the big Win and becomes the new US Champion.

Winner: Keith Lee
(Editors Note; It’s Unclear if Keith Lee will be medically cleared for Elimination Chamber)

WWE Woman’s Tag Team Championship:
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

WWE is doing a tremendous job keeping Sasha & Bianca apart for the time being but its time to make it official for Wrestlemania and the Elimination Chamber PPV is the perfect stage. Nia & Shayna have a date with Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez on March 3rd over on NXT and I still feel that they will defend in a four-way at WM so Nia & Shayna will retain here. Sasha will cost her team the match by walking out on Bianca and leaving Belair to fend for herself. After the defeat, Bianca will grab the mic and make it official at Wrestlemania. WWE are clever in making a Mania match via PPV, I guess more eyes means more buys and I for one am all in for Sasha vs Bianca.

Winners: Jax & Baszler 
We won’t talk about the glaring omission that is a Women’s Elimination Chamber match…

Elimination Chamber Match – WWE Championship:
Drew McIntyre (c) Vs AJ Styles Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Randy Orton Vs Sheamus Vs Kofi Kingston

An Elimination Chamber Championship match. We certainly had a few memorable ones. Dating all the way back to 2002 and Triple H’s defence in the first-ever and of course a memorable Summerslam 2003 where HHH was once again defending the gold but my favourite was 2014, Wyatt family/John Cena. The odds are firmly stacked against Drew and with so many former champions this has the makings to be one of the finest chamber matches in history.

The inclusion of Randy Orton has our eyes locked on the return of Bray Wyatt’s alter ego The Fiend In what could be a heart-stopping moment for Randy Orton come Sunday and where does AJ Styles go from here if he fails to capture the gold?! So many potential questions to answer but its a very safe bet to say that neither Kofi nor Jeff are walking out as champion. Randy will leave with the most eliminations (2) eliminating Kofi & Jeff but soon to taken out of the match by The Fiend. Drew will Eliminate Styles and Sheamus will claim the WWE championship by defeating Drew in a huge swerve after entering the match last.

Of course, this will lead to Sheamus vs Drew at WM in what will be a huge moment for the best friends of 20 years (that’s what mania is all about for the workers after all) Drew can regain in front of fans and truly get his Wrestlemania moment, a moment that he really deserves!

Winner: Sheamus

I think that we are in for a memorable night come Sunday with questions answered but what about those who do not have a clear path to the showcase of the immortals?


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