[EXCLUSIVE] Looking at WWE’s COVID Procedures at NXT shows

A member of the TWM crew attended last night’s NXT taping, and shared with us some details about what happens regarding Coronavirus rules.

  • Firstly, 24 hours before the taping starts, you are required to attend a testing centre, funded by WWE.
  • Should your test come back negative, you are then allowed to attend the show (obviously…)
  • Upon arrival, seen above, you have your temperature taken and you’re made to sign a form. You’re also asked if you want to return next week and are added to a list – as well as being given a wristband.
  • Guests are seated in pods – our staff member’s pod allowed up to eight people – she was seated with four others at ringside.
  • A producer was on hand to wind the crowd up, and everyone was provided with water as it was 90 degree weather in Florida.

We hope this gives everyone a bit of an insight into how tapings are being done right now.

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