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WWE: Extreme Rules 2021 | Fantasy Extreme Rules Booking!

Coming up in a few short weeks is WWE’s Extreme Rules event. After a record-breaking (according to WWE), and extremely boring (in my opinion), Summerslam card I thought that I would try my hand at giving WWE a card for Extreme Rules that would promise not to be a boring spectacle. Remember, this is purely me giving a fantasy booking because WWE has been dull to me lately.

Before I get started, I have to rant for a moment. What the hell WWE? You followed up CM Punk’s return to wrestling, sure on a competitors show, with that? Not even the returns of Becky Lynch or Brock Lesnar could save the crowd and it was clear several times throughout the night that the crowd was bored and not into it. It could have been great, but it was a dud. It really was. All that said, let’s give WWE a little hand with their booking… Which I know they will absolutely ignore because no one in WWE has the balls to do something like what I’m gonna propose. Let’s get into it.

Pre-show Matches:
Drip Stick on a Pole match: John Morrison vs The Miz

The Miz snapped and attacked Morrison this past Monday on Raw, so naturally, this is likely going to be a match at Extreme Rules. Since theirs was a comedy pairing and gimmick when together, I propose having a Drip Stick on a Pole match between the two. Sure, it’s not very extreme or anything but it could be a good spot of fun to at least get the crowd invested in the coming show. You can book it just like the old school “pole” matches that WWE used to have. Whoever grabs the drip stick can use it. No DQ, No count-out, the only way to win is pinfall or submission. It would be entertaining and that’s something that WWE has been sorely lacking lately. Give them ten to fifteen minutes at the end of the pre-show and send the crowd into the main show with some joy for once.

Winner: Morrison

I’d give Extreme Rules two pre-show matches since there is likely another match that will happen on it.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Chairs Match:
Natalya & Tamina vs Nox and Shotzi

We’ve got the new ‘flavour’ of the month in Nox and Shotzi as a tag team and let’s be honest, they’re already more over than most of the tag teams in the women’s division. So, keeping with the Extreme Rules theme, I would book them in a chairs match where the only weapons you can legally use are steel chairs. Of course, Shotzi would use her tank because it’s Shotzi, and you could cover the deficiencies that Tamina brings to the ring. This match, I’d give maybe ten minutes somewhere in the middle of the pre-show just to get it done and give the crowd something to cheer as I’d have Shotzi and Nox defeat Tamina and Natalya to become the new Tag Champs.

Winner: Nox and Shotzi, New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Booking the Main Card would go something like this. The opening match would be…

Table’s Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship:
RKBro vs Viking Raiders

Randy Orton and Riddle, RKBro, won the titles from AJ Styles and Omos at Summerslam, and I do not want a rematch on this card. So instead, I would have the Viking Raiders earn the chance to challenge RKBro for the titles at Extreme Rules and I would make it a table’s match. It would be a hard-hitting and physical affair that would kick your show off with a bang. Give it fifteen minutes of violence and athleticism, get the crowd invested in what you’re bringing tonight, and even give a false finish if you want where one man from each team goes through a table at the same time. Let the match restart and then get the true finish with RKBro retaining for this one. It’s too soon to break them up or take the titles off of them.

Winner: RKBro

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE United States Championship:
Sheamus vs Damian Priest

This was one of the better matches at Summerslam and I want to have a definitive end to the feud before each man moves on to new opponents. So give them the Last Man Standing stipulation and let the violence ensue. No DQ, no pins, no submissions, no count-outs, just a straight-up violent affair until one man can’t answer the ten count and return to their feet. You have to follow up the table’s match with something fun and keep the violent streak going, so putting these two hard hitters up second is a must. The match can last anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes and at the end of it all, Damian Priest raises his hand after taking out Sheamus. A fitting way to end the feud and send both men onto bigger and better things, maybe.

Winner: Damian Priest

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn

Say what you want about Sami Zayn, but the man is entertaining as hell. That’s why I would give him a shot at Nakamura for the IC Title. Since this is the Extreme Rules event, I want every match to have a stipulation and this one would be given Falls Count Anywhere. This way, the match can get violent and can go anywhere, giving the men free rein to be as incredible as they both are. This would be a highly entertaining match and, if one of the matches before it didn’t deliver, a way to get the crowd back into the show. It doesn’t have to be a violent affair, it just has to be entertaining, and both these men can deliver that in spades. Keep the belt on Nakamura, he deserves a long run.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Fantasy Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship:
Bobby Lashley vs WALTER

Walter finally lost his NXT UK Championship, after 870 days, to Ilja Dragunov at Takeover 36, so it’s high time the longtime champion comes to the main roster and what better way to do that by making him target Bobby Lashley immediately. Both men are powerhouses and can put on unreal matches, so put these two bulls in the ring together and let them beat the hell out of each other. Bring Walter to Raw, have him assault and leave Lashley laying, and that sets up the match at Extreme Rules. The only thing is, you absolutely must have Walter defeat Lashley and win the title. There’s no one on Raw that can be viewed as a legit threat to Lashley outside of Drew McIntyre and he’s not allowed to challenge for the title so long as Lashley holds it. Raw needs new blood at the top and this is the best way to do that.

Winner: WALTER

Fantasy Extreme Rules | Submission Match for the Raw Women’s Championship:
Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler

I’m sure every single one of you reading this right now is asking yourself why the hell I’d give Baszler a title match against Charlotte when she hasn’t done anything to earn it. Well, that’s easy to answer. Shayna is an absolute beast who has gotten shit booking since Becky Lynch went on maternity leave, so it’s high time that the Queen of Spades is unleashed. Have her utterly destroy Nia Jax then have her set her sights on Flair. Book Shayna to attack Charlotte every chance she gets and frustrate Charlotte to the point where she wants a piece of Shayna. But have Shayna challenge Flair to submission only match. Charlotte is supremely confident in her submission game, so she would be vain enough to accept the challenge. But, Shayna Baszler chokes Charlotte out and makes her tap, giving Shayna her first Raw Women’s Title reign. Charlotte is humiliated and kept out of the title picture for the time being, as the top of the card doesn’t need her. Shayna Baszler is a legit badass and she needs to be allowed to play to that strength. Have her run roughshod over the division until someone worthy to dethrone her comes along, and no it cannot be Charlotte Flair.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Fantasy Extreme Rules | Ladder Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship:
The Uso’s vs The Mysterios

We’ve got another rematch from Summerslam, and the end of a feud, in this match. It has to end, and with the hints that WWE has been handing out left and right, this is the right time to pull the trigger. There has been a lot of dissension between Rey and his son Dominick over the last few weeks, so the match stays highly competitive until Dom gets frustrated with Rey and attacks him, clearing the way for the Uso’s to retain after climbing the ladder. This sets up a father/son feud that could be really good for Dominick and also lets the Uso’s move on to some new challenges. Whoever that could be, I don’t have a clue, but this feud needs to end.

Winner: The Uso’s

Fantasy Extreme Rules | 30 Minute Iron Woman Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship:
Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

Ok, I loved that Becky returned at Summerslam, but she defeated Bianca in 37 seconds. That is ridiculous and insulting to Belair who was having an incredible run thus far as to champion. I know Becky is a huge draw, and people have wanted her back for a long while, but you had to give Bianca better than what she got. So she gets a rematch against Becky, and this time it’s an Iron Woman match. Thirty minutes, may the best woman win. You let Belair redeem herself and make the match competitive, but ultimately you have to keep the belt on Becky, despite what the fans think. Becky is a much bigger draw right now than Bianca is, that’s just how WWE views it, and you have to keep that in mind. Believe it or not, the last Iron man match on the main roster happened all the way back in 2018 between Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins. So it’s high time we got another one and who better to do it than these two.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Fantasy Extreme Rules | Steel Cage Match for the Universal Championship:
Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

You have to expect to get Reigns vs Lesnar at ER this year, so let’s put these two in a steel cage and let them beat the hell out of each other. Reigns are in the middle of the best run of his career and Lesnar just returned to go after the Universal title. Now, I am not a Brock Lesnar fan but I can see this being a pretty intense hoss fight that is a fitting way to end the show. The question comes though, who do you have to win? The part-timer or the man who has carried Smackdown during the pandemic era? For me, there is one major thing to also consider and that is the Money in the Bank Briefcase held by Big E. It’s been rumoured for a while that Big E is the one to dethrone Reigns, so I see him cashing in at ER. Have Reigns somehow find a way to beat Lesnar, have Lesnar snap and beat Reigns down after the match, out comes Big E and cashes in the contract on a broken Reigns. It wouldn’t be the first time Reigns and Lesnar had the cash in happen on them, so either way, it can and needs to happen.

Winner: Roman Reigns, Big E Cashes in MitB Briefcase and defeats Reigns

Again, thank you for coming along as I put my brain to work and give a fantasy booking for Extreme Rules 2021. I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe you found my match choices interesting. See you later folks!


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