WWE: Five Great Survivor Series Matches (2018)

Ah, Survivor Series. One of the ‘Big four’, filled with controversy and jaw dropping moments that will echo throughout the ages of professional wrestling for all time.

A Pay-per-view such as Survivor Series, that is themed around brand and team-based warfare offers so many avenues for potential great matches that we couldn’t otherwise see. Today however, I offer you some of my top singles matches in WWE Survivor Series history.


1. Hulk Hogan Vs. The Undertaker – Survivor Series 1991

I may be a little hyperbolic when I say ‘top matches’ and then throw this match in but bear with me. Anybody who is anybody knows that Hulk Hogan was far from a great worker, in a technical sense. This was a WWF Championship match with a relatively unknown and inexperienced Undertaker. What this match provided wasn’t a ‘passing of the torch’ but more of a turning of the page. ‘Hulkamania’ was on the way out but regardless, Hogan was still at the peak of his powers. Unbeatable more or less.

Undertaker triumphed over The Hulkster after delivering a tombstone piledriver onto a steel chair, placed by none other than Ric Flair. This marked The Phenom’s first world title, as he embarked on his road to stardom whilst Hogan inevitably declined.


2. Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg – Survivor Series 2016

Stay with me on this one. This match was packed with so much controversy, anger, hate, excitement, humiliation, laughter. It had it all. I call it a ‘match’, this was done and dusted in a matter of seconds. There was precisely three moves. Two spears and a thunderous jackhammer.

Call me crazy but I honestly believe it’s worthy of a place here! Sometimes wrestling isn’t about the moves or the longevity of a match, it’s about the moments. This was a giant hit of nostalgia. I don’t think anybody believed we would ever see Bill Goldberg on the main stage again, let alone holding a belt. For him to topple The Beast in a matter of seconds was unbelievable to witness.


3.  Alberto Del Rio Vs. CM Punk – Survivor Series 2011

I’m pretty biased when it comes to CM Punk, but this match was huge during this time. This match was very important to the future and direction of WWE, without involving John Cena as the constant figurehead. This was change. A change that was not many demanded by the fans but also Punk. CM Punk’s reign at 434 days was the longest of the ‘modern era’, until Brock Lesnar conquered yet another record and surpassed it. It all started here for The Voice of the Voiceless.

2011 was the year for Punk: He is polarising but truly unforgettable. Love him or hate him, he entertained you. 2011 brought us the pipebomb, his fabulous match with John Cena at Money in the Bank, and the beginning of what would be an illustrious reign. Let’s forget about the whole debacle with HHH/Kevin Nash.

This match is what helped salvage Punk’s main event career in the WWE. They put on a great show, which ended with CM Punk celebrating jubilantly, diving into the crowd at Madison Square Garden, title in hand. He didn’t dare let go of that title until 2013.


4. Diesel Vs. Bret Hart – Survivor Series 1995

Who doesn’t love an announce table spot? So simple but so impactful. It doesn’t matter how many times we see someone go through an announce table, it amplifies the atmosphere and it’s always like we’re seeing it for the first time.

Bret Hart and Diesel’s match at Survivor Series 1995 saw one of the first ever announce table spots, taking fans completely by surprise and leaving them in awe. Coming at the end of a great bout between two glorified superstars, it was a great ending to a story that couldn’t possibly have been told any better.

Diesel would knock The Hitman from the apron to send him clattering through the table. Diesel, reacting and what looked like legitimately freaking out and worrying, immersed the fans to believe that this was a legitimate accident. Diesel would attempt to end the match only for Bret to catch him and win with a roll-up.

An unexpected and I hate to say it again but I will, an unforgettable finish which saw the WWF title return to The Hitman and what many fans believed to be the ‘rightful’ owner of the belt.


5. Bret Hart Vs. Steve Austin – Survivor Series 1996

You already know what it is. No no no, it’s not Montreal. It is however Bret Hart in action again here, in what I believe to be one of Steve Austin’s best ever feuds. Both of these men have done some incredible things, but they are often forgotten about what they did together. We’ve seen both of these iconic wrestlers duke it out with so many others, but they have never had better chemistry than when they were in the ring with each other. People will instantly think of WrestleMania 13, and rightly so. This match should be revered and held in the same esteem in my opinion.

Their WrestleMania match was carnage. It was intense, it was bloody, it was war. Austin was a man on a mission looking to take away everything from Bret who was obviously the established hero. It was much easier to see the face/heel dynamic back in those days. It’s somewhat a grey area in the modern era.

The match at Survivor Series was more of a technical bout. The finish was exciting, it was memorable, it was innovative. Bret had found himself caught in Austin’s ‘Million Dollar Dream’ (I wonder if anybody knows what the hell I’m talking about?) and actually walked up the turnbuckles in desperation, flipping in the process and into a successful pin. It was dramatic, it was executed excellently, it was Bret Hart.

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